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How to Create Your Login

The Bloomberg Terminals are available for faculty, students and staff of the University of Colorado Boulder in KOBL 370. All Business Students, faculty and staff are given cardswipe access to KOBL 370 when it is not in use for instruction. If your access does not work or if you want access to these terminals please go to the Dean's front desk to request access to 370.

The following video explains the steps necessary to create your account. Please press the PLAY arrow to begin the video.

To Create a Bloomberg Account, log in to the Bloomberg terminal using your identikey and password, and click on the Bloomberg icon.
Once the Bloomberg software loads, follow these steps:

  • Press the Red DEFAULT key on the Bloomberg keyboard
  • Click the option "Create a new login"
  • Provide the information requested. Be sure to provide your cell phone number.
  • Remain near the terminal to activate the account as Bloomberg will provide account information via text message within a few minutes.
  • Write down your user login as you will need it every time you log into Bloomberg.