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Ad$pender (AdSpender)
(Business Library Only) Ad$pender monitors expenditure information for millions of brands across: Network TV, Spot TV, Cable TV, Syndication Hispanic TV, Network Radio, National Spot Radio, Local Radio, Consumer Magazines, B-to-B Magazines, Local Magazines, Sunday Magazines, Hispanic Magazines, National Newspapers, Local Newspapers, Hispanic Newspapers, Internet, and Outdoor. Click here for the Ad$pender Manual (pdf)

***Use restricted to current UCB students and faculty. Ask a business library employee to log in with username and password.***

Ad $ summary HF5801 .A18
Ad* Access
The Ad*Access Project, funded by the Duke Endowment "Library 2000" Fund, presents images and database information for over 7,000 advertisements printed in U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955. Ad*Access concentrates on five main subject areas: Radio, Television, Transportation, Beauty and Hygiene, and World War II, providing a coherent view of a number of major campaigns and companies through images preserved in one particular advertising collection available at Duke University.
Advertising Age
Marketing, demographics, and articles from Advertising Age online.
A digital collection of thousands of vintage television commercials from the 1950s to the 1980s.
Provides the latest in advertising and marketing news, along with agency ratings, best spots of the month and year listings, job postings, and more.
The Advertising age encyclopedia of advertising HF5803.A37
Advertising growth trends HF5813.U6.A73
Advertising law in Europe and North America KJC6580.A885
Advertising manager's handbook HF5823.B634
Advertising organizations and publications : a resource guide HF5813.U6.A654
Advertising World
This University of Texas site serves as a portal to links and sources of information on 80 topics, from Account Planning to Word of Mouth.
The American Association of Advertising Agencies
This organization is the advertising industry's national trade association, and the highest professional recognition an advertising agency can achieve. AAAA membership has been awarded to less than 10 percent of the more than 13,000 agencies in the United States. The association's homepage offers links to related industry associations.
The American Marketing Association
This is a professional organization for 38,000 people involved in the practice, study and teaching of marketing, worldwide. This site offers information on topics of interest, best practices, training, articles and reports, salaries, etc.
Brandweek.com is an online marketing magazine delivering breaking news, analysis and industry data geared to corporate branding professionals. Brandweek.com provides up-to-the-minute reports on traditional and Internet brand marketing strategies in all major product categories and gives you vital information on how to be competitive - locally, nationally and globally.
Associations Unlimited
(Campus-wide/Remote Access) Directory of over 400,000 U.S. and international membership associations.
CI Strategies and Tools: I3 Internet Intelligence Index (Fuld & Company)
Fuld & Company has created this Web site as a resource for competitive intelligence information. An excellent site for marketing data especially for specific industries.
ClickZStats: Trends & Statistics
ClickZStats provides a collection of online facts and statistics which have been gathered from secondary sources. Especially useful is the "Stats Toolbox" which is an archive of statistical data.
Freedonia Focus Market Research Reports
Access to industry insights and analysis including Market size, Product segmentation, Market segmentation, Product forecasts, Industry composition, and Business trends. Access to abstracts only. Charge for orders.
Frost and Sullivan
(Campus-wide/Remote Access) Database of market research reports and forecasts. Strong in medical and information & communication technology (ICT) research. NOTE: Frost and Sullivan may require user sign-in. If the 'Sign In' menu option in the top right corner is activated, you will be prompted to enter your first and last name, as well as a valid University of Colorado email address.
Know Marketing: The Internet's Marketing Virtual Library
One section of the WWW Virtual Library, a catalog of web resources compiled by volunteers who maintain links for particular areas in which they are expert. Over 130 marketing topics are included.
Magazine Publishers of America
The industry association for consumer magazines. Established in 1919, the MPA represents more than 200 US-based publishing companies with more then 1,200 titles; more than 75 international companies; and more than 90 associate members providing services to the industry." See their Research section for a limited amount of information available to nonmembers of the association.
Mintel Market Reports
(Campus-wide/Remote Access) The Mintel Reports database provides market research containing information on consumer trends, demographic profiles, brand share dynamics and market drivers. There are over 800 individual reports now available in 13 categories, with data covering US and select International Markets. Users can conduct keyword searching by company, topic, industry, product and more.
PERSKY - Directory of Television Channels in Europe
(Campus-wide/Remote Access) Provides a comprehensive and organised database of links to the web-sites of television channels in the 35 Members States of the European Audiovisual Observatory and in the European Community. The directory also provides links to other organisations relevant for information on the national television markets.
PEW Internet and American Life Research Reports
A non-profit research center studying the social effects of the Internet on Americans. The Pew Internet & American Life Project produces reports that explore the impact of the Internet on families, communities, work and home, daily life, education, health care, and civic and political life. The Project aims to be an authoritative source on the evolution of the Internet through collection of data and analysis of real-world developments as they affect the virtual world.
(Campus-wide/Remote Access) Predicast Overview of Markets and Technology database. Provides data on companies, the products and technologies they produce, and the markets in which they compete. Includes summaries and full text from nearly 1,000 business and trade journals, industry newsletters, newspapers, market research studies, news releases, and investment and brokerage firm reports. Coverage: 2000 - Present.
The Red Books
(Campus-wide/Remote Access) Directories of 24,000 advertisers and 13,500 advertising agencies, U.S. and international.
Reuters Business Insight Market Reports
Access to industry insights and analysis including Market size, Product segmentation, Market segmentation, Product forecasts, Industry composition, and Business trends. Access to table of contents and abstracts only. Charge for orders.

Simmons NCS
Contains media audience and market survey data collected through interviews and questionnaires covering consumer product, media, and lifestyle preferences.Utilized to determine the probable audience for certain products or services.

SRDS Online
(Business Library only) Directories with advertising rates, contact info and circulation/audience audit data for magazines, newspapers, radio stations, Internet sites and marketing list vendors. At the welcome page click where it says “Click here to access SRDS Services”.
(Campus-wide/Remote Access) Index with full data of tables/graphs/charts from U.S. and international business magazine articles and other statistical sources, mid-1990s to present.