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Mutual Funds Resource Guide

Beginners' Guide to Mutual Funds: Online Publications at the SEC
A list of pubications by the SEC on investor education.
Dictionary of finance and investment terms. HG151 .D69 2003
Published by Barrons, this small, thick paperback defines and explains over 4,000 finance and investment terms, including many related to mutual funds.
Encyclopedia of American industries. HC102 .E53 2005
This heavy two-volume set provides essays on over 1,000 industries, with manufacturing industries largely in volume one and service and other non-manufacturing industries in volume two, arranged by Standard Industrial Code, with an index at the back of volume two. For the mutual funds industry, see the broader industry survey for Management Investment Offices, Open End, in volume two, on pages 1041 to 1047.
Encyclopedia of emerging industries. HD2324 .E527
Five page descriptions of over 100 new industries, with an industry snapshot, organization and structure, background and development, pioneers in the field, current conditions, industry leaders and references to further reading. See Mutual Funds on pages 479 to 484.
Forbes Fund Screener
This Forbes Magazine> site allows you to search their database of more than 11,000 funds to zero in on five or ten that meet your investing goals. Searches may be by fund name, fund family, Forbes fund rating, fund performance, fund portfolio, costs and expenses, or other criteria (such as beta). See also their Straignt A Funds, Fund Failures, and Best Buys By Sector, all part of their 2004 Mutual Fund Survey.
The international encyclopedia of mutual funds, closed-end funds and real estate investment trusts HG4530 .M225 2000
Introduction to Mutual Funds
This Securities and Exchange Commission site is intended to educate investors in mutual funds, an industry regulated by this governmental agency. This site covers key points to remember about mutual funds, how mutual funds work, factors to consider, avoiding common pitfalls, what to do if problems occur, and a Mutual Funds Glossary. See also Mutual Fund Investing: Look At More Than a Fund's Past Performance. This SEC site also offers a Mutual Funds Calculator. They also offer a useful Fast Answers--Key Topics page, with some topics in mutual funds. For information on new SEC rules on mutual fund advisor ethics, see their Press Release of May 26, 2004.
Investment Company Institute
"The Investment Company Institute … is the national association of the U.S. investment company industry. Founded in 1940, its membership includes approximately 8,668 mutual funds, 611 closed-end funds, 111 exchange-traded funds, and six sponsors of unit investment trusts. Its mutual fund members represent 86.6 million individual shareholders and manage approximately $7.4 trillion in investor assets. " Their Mutual Funds Connection provides mutual fund statistics for over 8,000 U.S.-based funds, with trends in mutual fund investing, money market fund assets, the Mutual Fund Fact Book, retirement market data, mutual fund institutional statistics, and worldwide mutual fund statistics.
The Irwin guide to stocks, bonds, futures, and options. HG4521 .L637 2001
This fairly recent reference includes chapters on treasuries securities, corporate fixed-income securities, municipal securities, and asset-backed securities, with market overviews, conventions, structure, etc. See Mutual Funds on pages 239 to 258.
"Lipper, a Reuters company, is a global leader in supplying mutual fund information, analytical tools, and commentary. Lipper's benchmarking provides the trusted guidepost to asset managers, fund companies, financial intermediaries, traditional media, web sites, and individual investors." This firm is often quoted in the media on aspects of the mutual fund industry.
Mergent bank & finance manual. HG4961 .M67
Volume two of this three-volume annual set offers information about mutual funds that is unavailable in Morningstar. See the Investment Companies section, usually starting around page 2300.
Mergent dividend record. HG4908 .M65
This loose-leaf binder stores the most recent issues of this twice-weekly record of dividends, with the weekly dividend record, the cumulative issue, the tax status of dividends, and the mutual funds section. (Access Tuesday edition online via Mergent Online)
Morningstar Investment Research Center

(Campus-wide/Remote Access) Morningstar Investment Research Center is an all-inclusive investment research database. It features data and analysis on over 13,000 international and domestic stocks, 24,000 mutual funds, and more than 1500 exchange traded funds. Plus, the database boasts a comprehensive Help and Education Center, Portfolio X-Ray and robust screening tools.

Morningstar mutual funds. HG4930 .M873
This heavy hard plastic loose-leaf black binder includes over 1,600 pages of mutual fund information, analysis, and data, issued biweekly, with a focus on individual mutual funds in each issue. Inside the front cover is a Resource Guide, with a mutual fund glossary of terms used by Morningstar, as well as guidance on how to exploit this resource.
Mutual funds : fifty years of research findings HG4930 .A53 2005
Mutual Funds: Fifty Years of Research Findings is designed for the academic researcher interested in the various issues surrounding mutual funds and for the practitioner interested in funds for investment purposes. The authors briefly trace the historical evolution of funds, present important aspects of the Investment Company Act of 1940, and then summarize a substantial portion of the academic literature which has been written over the past five decades.
Mutual Fund Directors Forum
"To meet the growing needs of mutual fund independent directors, the Mutual Fund Directors Forum was formally organized in 2002. A non-profit organization, the Forum focuses on the needs of independent directors by providing educational and outreach programs as well as the opportunity for directors to exchange views and meet with regulators." This organization is a good source for information on reforming the mutual fund industry. See their Library.
Mutual fund fact book. HG4530 .I533
Published by the Investment Company Institute, this paperback annual is a guide to trends and statistics in the mutual fund industry.
Mutual Fund Investor's Center
A not-for-profit trade association of the no-load mutual fund industry, the Mutual Fund Education Alliance, since 1971, has provided an educational site on mutual funds. "The Alliance's members are America's leading no-load companies who collectively serve over 80 million shareholders and manage nearly 3.0 trillion in assets--approximately one half of all assets invested in mutual funds today." This site has a getting-started section, mutual fund calculators and tools, and a Fund Quicklist. It also offers a wealth of data about individual funds, using information from Morningstar.
Mutual Funds Dictionary
This site, from Investopedia, an investment site, provides a good list of commonly used terms used in discussing mutual funds (along with several popup ads). They also offer a tutorial on Mutual Fund Basics. See also the more general InvestorWords.
Mutual Fund Observer
Mutual Fund Observer is a free, independent, non-commercial site, and is financially supported by folks who value its services. The website hosts an open discussion board, a monthly Commentary column, which is updated on the first of each month. It has recommendations from readers for the four investing and personal finance books you really should read, and offers free, in-depth profiles of two to four funds each month. Offers a snapshot of upcoming no-load funds in registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission but not yet available for purchase. Provides a monthly list of equity and balanced fund manager changes. Hosts the FundAlarm archive of Commentaries and fund profiles.
Mutual Fund Scorecard
This online Business Week feature provides an interactive scorecard for evaluating equity and bond funds, separately or together, individually by fund or by category, using data provided by Compustat, with information about fund type, Business Week rating, fund category, Business Week category rating, assets, one year asset change, sales charge, expense ratio, pretax returns in a variety of periods, turnover, cash situation, risk, and non-investment grade assets, if any.
Mutual funds update (1992-2001). HG4930 .M872
Formerly the CDA/Wiesenberger mutual funds update, this monthly publication ceased publication in November 2001 but, along with its earlier title, provides historical mutual fund information from 1992 to June 2001.
Mutual fund values HG4930.M873
Bi-weekly looseleaf from Morningstar.
New York Times Mutual Funds
This New York Times Business Section site provides mutual fund return data, from one week to 15 years to inception, with fund overviews, performance, risks and rankings, assets and holdings, fees and expenses, and a fund finder. See also their quarterly Mutual Funds Report. Information for this site is from CBS Marketwatch and Lipper; access to this site may require free registration.
Plunkett's financial services industry almanac. HG181 .P55
This almanac offers information about major industry trends, industry statistics, industry information, major companies in the industry, with indexes by state, country, region, etc. The major part of the almanac provides one-page profiles of companies in the industry, with directory information, growth plans and special features, contacts, brief financials, brief salary and benefits data, and women officer-director and advancement information. See Mutual Funds in chapter five, on pages 75 to 84, with tables about mutual funds on pages 78 to 82. (2003 and 2004 available as electronic books in Netlibrary)
Standard & Poor's industry surveys. HG4921 .S753
This three-volume set provides 30-page profiles on 52 industries with a focus on the current economic environment, trends, regulation and outlook for each industry. Major companies in each industry are profiled, with references to sources of additional industry information. See the industry survey for Investment Services in volume two, which includes mutual funds; P&G is included in the Comparative Company Analysis at the end of this survey, under Household Products. (also available online in Standard & Poor's Net Advantage)

ValueLine Investment Survey Online and Research Center

(Business building only)

Provides financial information about large and mid-cap U.S. public companies, including historical financials and forecasted projections, market performance, analyst consensus, beta, key ratios, business description, and commentary on current operations and future prospects. Also includes one page reports for each industry group.

Yahoo! Mutual Fund Center
This site is a good starting point for mutual fund research, with a Mutual Fund/Morningstar Glossary, a tutorial Mutual Funds 101, a mutual fund screener, mutual fund calculators, a company and fund index, mutual funds by family, and the latest mutual fund data, including top performers and historical fund data.