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Cataloging Procedures Manual (CPM)

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1. Sierra: Getting Started


2. Overview and Basic Copy Cataloging Procedures


3. Reference Pages


4. English Language Literature


5. Names


6. Series


7. Special Procedures (alphabetical order)

7.1 Analyzed Serial Treatment Change

7.2 Atlas Cataloging: Brief Guidelines

7.3 Books with Accompanying Media

7.4 CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs and Interactive Multimedia (now Physical Electronic Resources)

7.5 CJK Materials

7.6 DVDs Converted Locally from VHS Tapes

7.7 E-books: Cataloging Procedures

7.8 Graphic Novels

7.9 Juvenile Materials

7.10 Lebowitz Collection Procedures

7.11 Media > Cataloging of Nonmusical Sound Recordings

7.12 Media > Reference Pages

7.13 Media: Videorecordings (AACR2)

7.14 Microforms

7.15 Non-Roman Character Records in Sierra

7.16 Photocopies (including UMI theses) and Reprint Editions

7.17 Physical Electronic Resources (CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, etc.)

7.18 Remote Integrating Resources, Cataloging

7.19 Retrospective Conversion: Record Available in OCLC

7.20 Rush Procedures

7.21 Sets + Set & Serial Analytics

7.21 Single Journal Issues

7.22 Statistics Coding for Special Procedures: Monographic Cataloging

7.23 Supplements

7.24 Theses Procedures

7.25 Withdrawals, Transfers, Reinstatements and Problems from Circulation

Last updated: August 8, 2014