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Monographic & Special Materials Cataloging


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  • Catalog Management
  • Copy and Original Cataloging
  • SPC & Archives


The Monographic and Special Materials Cataloging Unit supports the mission of the Metadata Services Department by providing intellectual access to information resources, chiefly in the form of printed books, videorecordings, microforms, archival collections, and some maps. Materials cataloged are for the general collections in most disciplines, Special Collections, Archives, and Government Information.


Functional responsibilities:

  • Catalog and classify newly purchased and gift acquisitions for the Libraries’ collections

  • Catalog and classify older hidden collections in the Libraries’ special collections

  • Adhere to national and international standards for description and access

  • Catalog and classify materials in many languages, including Asian languages

  • Create, edit, and enhance cataloging records in OCLC WorldCat

  • Contribute new bibliographic and authority records to national and international databases, as a member of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging

  • Perform retrospective conversion cataloging of older materials in the Libraries’ collections

  • Maintain the integrity and consistency of the Chinook database through authority control and related processes.

Description coming soon.

Description coming soon.


To facilitate intellectual access to tangible materials requiring special handling due to their irreplacability, artifactual or cultural value, or provenance—especially those items within our special collections and archives.


  • Manage descriptive workflows
  • Identify work projects
  • Develop procedures
  • Match employee skills to tasks
  • Document progress
  • Shape description to fit within institutional and national standards
  • Maintain alliances with associated units and departments


  • Develop a workflow for managing unexpected, ad hoc work
  • Create a manual of procedures
  • New Projects
  • Rare books
  • Continue to accurately describe collections to their appropriate depth
  • Complex copy and upgrading of brief records
  • Original, and complex copy, rare books
  • All other original
  • Identify and assign staff to projects
  • Manage carts of materials to facilitate staff workflows
  • Facilitate communication between CMS and Special Collections
  • Facilitate communication between CMS and Archives
  • Maintain accurate and timely statistics for cataloging activities
  • Individual monthly reports of activities
  • Periodic team meetings