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Serials & Digital Access


  • Mission
  • Digital Collections
  • Serials Receiving/Cataloging
  • Acquisitions & Access

The Serials and Digital Access Unit supports the Metadata Services Department’s mission by facilitating access to electronic resources, digital assets, and serials. The work of this Unit begins with the acquisition of resources, either through purchase or via the Libraries’ digital initiatives, and carries through until these materials are available to our users. The Unit’s duties include acquisitions, cataloging, provision of metadata for digital projects, consulting for digital initiatives, managing bibliographic and holdings records, loading and exporting records, building and maintaining knowledgebases, maintaining an electronic resource management system, and maintaining WebBridge, the Libraries’ OpenURL link resolver.

Digital Collections supports the Serials and Digital Access Unit’s mission by facilitating access to digitized and born-digital content from the Libraries' collections and the wider campus community. Digital Collections provides metadata creation and consultation for a wide variety of digital content in accordance with applicable standards and schemata.

Serials Receiving and Cataloging supports the Serials and Digital Access Unit’s mission by facilitating access to serials in most formats and various languages. Serials Receiving receives, checks-in, distributes, claims, and replaces incoming serials issues. Serials Receiving interprets bibliographic, check-in, item and order record data for serials to other library staff and users. It is also responsible for updating serials holdings data for non-electronic formats and regular transfer projects. Serials Cataloging creates and maintains bibliographic and holdings records for serial titles, solves problems in serials cataloging and holdings, processes transfers and withdrawals of serial titles, and conducts special projects as the need arises. Serials Cataloging is also responsible for batch-loading MARC records and retrospective copy cataloging of classified-together analyzed serials. In addition to updating the University Libraries catalog, Chinook, Serials Cataloging contributes records and bibliographic enhancements to the CONSER database.

Acquisitions and Access supports the Serials and Digital Access Unit’s mission by facilitating access to electronic resources and serials. E-resources & Serials Acquisitions acquires serials and e-resources, builds and maintains knowledgebases, maintains an electronic resource management system, and maintains WebBridge, the Libraries OpenURL link resolver. Functional responsibilities include:

  • Set up database trials
  • Investigate order possibilities and license terms when applicable
  • Work with CU system contract administrators for approval of license terms
  • Order and Register; Establish access & contacts
  • Pay invoices and Manage financials
  • Manage Serials Solutions KnowledgeBase
  • Create and edit Resource, License and Contact records in ERM
  • Load MARC records
  • Perform Coverage load & holdings management
  • Manage changes in KnowledgeBase and ERM
  • Troubleshoot and Track problems
  • Manage renewals for print and online resources, including investigation of format options
  • Maintain WebBridge, the Libraries’ OpenURL link resolver
  • Manage changes to bibliographic and associated records in the Libraries’ catalog
  • Contribute records and holdings information to local and international databases