UCB Libraries


Carrel Use Policies

  1. Carrels are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the Norlin Circulation desk.  An agreement must be signed. Carrels may not be used by anyone other than the authorized borrower.  Any violation of this policy will result in immediate forfeiture of carrel privileges, removal of any and all items from the carrel, and a $50.00 cleaning fee.

  2. For new study carrels access to the study carrel room will be activated using the University's C-cure System, which allows entry to the room via Buff One Card swipe.  For old study carrels, students must take a copy of the signed agreement to the Libraries Administrative Services office on the 4th floor of Norlin, to obtain a key request slip.  This slip must be taken to the University Lock Shop (Gate 8, Stadium) to obtain a room key.  The $5.00 deposit required by the Lock Shop is refunded when the key is returned.

  3. To retain a carrel, it must be renewed or exchanged by the end of the renewal period (you will receive an e-mail notification when the carrel is coming due and also when it is overdue).  Carrels may be renewed or exchanged in person, over the phone by calling 303-492-7477, or by email at norcirc@colorado.edu.  Carrels may not be renewed using My Chinook.  All carrels not renewed will be cleared and checked-out to other patrons.  Carrels not emptied by the end of the renewal period may be assessed a $50.00 cleaning fee. 

  4. The Libraries does not take responsibility for personal property left in the carrels.  Any theft or misconduct should be reported to Library Security immediately.  Damaged carrels or chairs should be reported to the Norlin Circulation Desk immediately.  Any damage or missing carrel equipment may result in the last user being assessed a minimum $50.00 repair/replacement fee. 

  5. All library books must be checked out before they can be placed in a carrel.  Library staff regularly inspects carrels.  Non-circulating library materials are not to be left in carrels.  Any non-checked out or non-circulating material found in carrels will be removed by Library staff.  Repeated failure to abide by these rules may result in forfeiture of carrel privileges.

  6. No furniture is to be moved from or introduced into the study carrel rooms without authorization from Libraries Access Services.  Walls and doors must be kept free of nails and tape.  Doors must be kept closed to ensure security in the study rooms.  Carrels must not be moved within the study rooms.  Failure to abide by these rules may result in forfeiture of carrel privileges and assessment of a minimum $50.00 maintenance charge.

  7. Library policies on food, beverages, and smoking apply.  Repeated failure to abide by these policies will result in forfeiture of carrel privileges.

See also: Policy for Graduate Student Study Carrels