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Pickup Location Options

Patrons May Now Select Pickup Locations for Holds, PASCAL Off-Site Materials and Prospector Requests


Responding to requests from many students and faculty on campus, patrons are now able to specify the library location where they would like to pick up hold/recalls, PASCAL materials, new acquisition rushes and Prospector requests.


When placing a request in Chinook on an eligible item, a drop down menu of pick up location choices appears at the point of authentication. A pickup location must be selected, otherwise a message appears asking that a choice be made before the request can be placed.


The choices for new pick up locations are any of the branch libraries: Business, Earth Sciences/Map, Engineering, Math/Physics and Music, as well as the current Norlin Circulation Desk.


Deliveries of these materials will be each afternoon, so in many cases if you choose to pick up a PASCAL item at a branch rather than Norlin, there will be a delay of one extra business day.


Also note that only materials which are eligible to be requested in Chinook can be requested for pick up, books that are currently on the shelf must still be retrieved from their respective locations.


This project began March 24, 2008.