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Stan Brakhage Hands with Film

The Stan Brakhage Collection

Stan Brakhage (January 14, 1933 – March 9, 2003)

The late Stan Brakhage, an independent filmmaker of international renown, taught for over twenty years in the Film Studies Program. His legacy remains central to the vision of Film Studies and special effort is made to collect all materials related to his work.

The paper component of the Collection contains scripts, lectures, recordings, correspondence and personal papers. An inventory is available in Archives.


Circulating copies of some related book materials are available in Norlin Stacks. Non-circulating copies of some book materials are housed in Archives and/or Special Collections.


The film component of the Collection contains Brakhage's original 16mm motion picture footage which is stored offsite in PASCAL's controlled environment.


Also housed in Norlin's Video Collection is the Criterion Collection DVD release of By Brakhage.

Procedure for visiting scholars wishing to research films from the The Stan Brakhage Collection.

  1. Researcher should contact contact Jacob Barreras in the Film Studies Department about what films they wish to view, and when they plan on visiting.

  2. Jacob will then review the requests. The total running times of the films to be screened will be determined and the researcher will be invoiced for the room rental and projectionist’s hours. The price for viewing films is $25/hour and the payment is due upon receiving the invoice, prior to the film screenings. The researcher must understand that if they go over the allotted time paid for, then they will be billed for the additional projection time.

  3. After the requests are submitted to Jacob, (i.e. specific film titles), Circulation will be contacted to order the films from the offsite PASCAL facility.

  4. Jacob will then coordinate the room rental and schedule the projectionist for the researcher when they visit.

  5. Payment of the invoice will be made to the University of Colorado. Checks and cash are the only acceptable forms of payment. Credit card payment is not available.

Official statement from a Memorandum of Understanding.

Non University of Colorado, Boulder researchers wishing to access the Research Collection must obtain permission from the Film Studies Department. Screenings of films in the Research Collection will be scheduled and arranged by University Libraries’ staff, but any associated costs (e.g. projectionist, room rental, etc) must be borne by the researcher. University Libraries’ staff will prepare invoices in these instances, but payment will be made directly to the Film Studies Department.


If you wish to research any of the films from the Brakhage collection, please contact Jacob Barreras in the Film Studies Department.