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My Reading History

My Reading History maintains a list of materials that you check out, even after the materials have been returned. This is an "opt in" feature, meaning that Chinook will only keep a Reading History if you have elected to participate in the service.


Once the feature has been activated, a link to My Reading History will appear in each patron's My Chinook account. Clicking on that link will reveal a button to "Opt to View Your Reading History".

How do I "opt in" for My Reading History?

In your My Chinook account, click the "My Reading History" link. A button "Opt to View Your Reading History" will be displayed. Click the button to begin tracking your reading history from that moment forward.

Once I opt-in to My Reading History, are current checkouts recorded, or only checkouts from that moment forward?

Only checkouts from that moment forward.

Are Interlibrary Loan or Prospector checkouts logged in My Reading History?

Currently, no. Prospector checkouts may become part of My Reading History in the near future, however.

What are the implications for My Reading History in terms of confidentiality and the PATRIOT Act?

Libraries patrons need to be aware that using My Reading History means this information is being stored on the Chinook server. If we are served with a subpoena, Reading History information might have to be surrendered to law enforcement officials. For more information about patron record confidentiality, see:



Once I have "opted in" to My Reading History, may I opt out at some future point?

Yes. Once a you have opted in, the button changes to "opt out." All you have to do in order to disable My Reading History is delete all entries and then click the opt out button.

May I delete parts of my Reading History, or must the entire history be retained?

You may delete all or part of your Reading History by checking specific items and clicking the "delete" button.