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Borrowing Privileges:
     Graduate Students

Graduate students are automatically registered with the Libraries. For any problems with registration, contact the Norlin Circulation Desk at 303-492-7477 or email us at norcirc@colorado.edu.


Your Buff One card or any photo ID will serve as your library card. You must present a photo ID every time you check out library materials. Your library privileges are valid as long as you are registered as a student at the University.

Books circulate to graduate students for 180 days (six months) with the exception of journals or short-period loan items. Bound journals circulate for two days and are nonrenewable. Unbound journals circulate only with special permission from the area librarian. Circulation privileges will be revoked if a journal becomes overdue. Return of the journal(s) will reinstate library privileges. A maximum of five journals may be checked out simultaneously. Graduate students may have up to 300 items checked out on their account.

Graduate Students may use both Prospector and Interlibrary Loan free of charge to order materials not owned by the UCB Libraries. Prospector may also be used to order materials which the UCB Libraries owns but which are currently checked out.

"My Chinook", a feature located on the Chinook Catalog search pages, serves as an access point to your library account. After authenticating using your IdentiKey, you may renew your own books, place or cancel holds, create preferred searches, and use other Chinook services.

If you are unable to access your My Chinook account, call the main Circulation Desk at 303-492-7477, or email us at norcirc@colorado.edu.

Most books may be renewed for an unlimited number of times, unless recalled by another patron. Books may be renewed in any of the following ways:

in person at the Circulation desk, or


by phone at 303-492-7477, or

by e-mail at norcirc@colorado.edu, or


via the web by using the My Chinook option in Chinook.

A receipt is printed for all books checked out at one time, indicating the due date for each item. These dates may vary with item type. Effective July 1, 2005, there will NO FINES for most materials. Reserves, recalled books, and some special collections such as those housed in the Media library will still generate fines. Should you be billed for an item and later return it, there is a non-refundable service charge of $10.00 per item. Various notices will be sent out reminding you to renew or return your books before a bill is generated.


All library communication with regular students is via e-mail. The University recognizes e-mail as the official mode of communication for the Campus.

Overdue requested items

Per item


$40 maximum

Reserve circulation

2-, 4-, 24-, 72-hour items


$40 maximum

If a book is checked out to another patron, you may request that the Circulation staff place a recall (advance the due date of the item and notify you when it is returned). If the book is due in more than two weeks, the due date is changed to 10 days from the time the recall was placed. When the item is returned, a notice is e-mailed to you indicating that it is available for pickup. You may also initiate a recall through Chinook by using the Recall/Hold button.


If a book checked out to you is requested by another borrower, you will be notified by e-mail of the adjusted due date. This new due date is the latest that you can return materials before your library account is blocked and recall fines fines begin to accrue. As long as there is a recall on the book you cannot renew it.

If you are unable to locate a book in the stacks and there is no record of its having been checked out, you may request that the Circulation staff search for the item. This usually takes several days. After the trace is completed, you will be notified by mail concerning the status of the book.

Circulation privileges will be revoked for anyone who has one or more overdue recalled books, or one or more billed items. Charges for books assumed lost and/or overdue fines will be referred to a collection agency as required by Colorado State Law, if unpaid 30 days after the bill due date.

Items assumed lost (90 days overdue in most cases; 30 days for short term checkouts such as bound journals) are billed for replacement at the following rates:


Bound Journals




Government Information

$ 50.00


If the item is returned, the replacement fee is waived and library privileges are automatically reinstated, but effective July 1, 2005, there will be non-refundable $10.00 service charge per item, to cover our billing costs. This service charge applies to ALL LIBRARY USERS.

During library hours, please return books to the appropriate library. After hours, you may use the outside book drops. We encourage patrons to obtain receipts for books returned to UCB Libraries.


We discourage returning our books to non-UCB Libraries as you may be held responsible if the book does not reach us.

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