UCB Libraries

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I. Definition & Purpose

Collection Development is defined as the planned purchase of materials in various formats to match the instructional and research needs of the campus within the current fiscal environment and resource sharing opportunities. The heart of a library is its collections. The buildings house them; the library personnel acquire and manage them and teach users how best to access and use them.


The processes of Collection Development include selection and deselection of current and retrospective materials, including gifts-in-kind; planning of coherent strategies for continuing acquisitions; input into preservation decisions; evaluation of collections to ascertain how well they serve user needs. These functions are guided by a Collection Development Policy which establishes priorities, supports efforts, and facilitates decisions. It communicates the Libraries’ intentions to the library users and aids in cooperative efforts with other libraries. The information explosion coupled with tightening budgets requires selectors to look at ways to access resources in ways beyond physical ownership, including licensing electronic databases and providing document delivery.