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Virtual Approval Plan

At this time, The University of Colorado -Boulder is using a Virtual Approval Plan with Blackwell. Weekly reports are sent via Collection Manager from which bibliographers can deselect books in advance of shipment. If they have chosen to cancel any titles from their weekly reports, they will add these titles to a “reject list” within CM for other bibliograrphers to review in case they would like to buy any of the canceled titles.


The schedule for the Virtual Approval Plan is:

  1. Virtual Approval reports are sent from Blackwell every Tuesday morning. Bibliographers will review their reports and add titles to the reject list by the end of the day on Thursday at noon.
  2. Bibliographers interested in reviewing this virtual reject shelf will have until the end of the day on Fridays (5:00 pm) to review the lists and submit any “buy” commands into the Library Notes field.

The following documents outline the various processes involved in the Virtual Approval Plan: