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III. Policies: Art & Art History

I. Purpose:
This fund supports the curriculum and research needs of the Department of Art and Art History.

A. Curricular emphasis:
The Department of Art and Art History is committed to the creative production and historical study of the visual arts. It is a cross-disciplinary and student-centered program characterized by excellence in art history, ceramics, drawing & painting, photography & digital media, printmaking, and sculpture.


B. Research emphasis:
These areas of study are bound together by theoretical and critical investigations of visual culture as they intersect with programs at CU-Boulder and beyond. The faculty focus on intensive research and creative work through critical discourse and self-reflection.


C. Level of Degrees granted:
The Department offers five degrees:

Bachelor of Arts in Art History (B.A.)
Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts (B.A.)
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts (B.F.A.)
Master of Arts in Art History (M.A.)
Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)

D. Special Studies Programs:
Department of Art and Art History Internship Program


E. Other Subjects That Overlap and Utilize Materials:
History, Education, Sociology, Ethnic or Cultural Studies. Archaeology. Classics. Museum Studies. Religious Studies. Architecture.


F. Institutes or Labs That Utilize Materials:
Museum and Visiting Artists Program, Visiting Scholar Program.


G. Special Populations Outside University That Utilize Materials:
Artistic community, Public patrons, ILL.


H. Other Considerations:

II. General Collection Guidelines:

A. Methods of Acquiring Materials:
Books acquired through the approval plan from Blackwell-North American. Faculty and student requests for monographs and journals are given special consideration. New relevant electronic tools acquired as funds allow. Gifts-in-kind are accepted based on the needs of the collection.


B. Languages: Primarily English.
Original language for important source materials. German. French. Italian. Spanish.


C. Chronological Guidelines:
No time period is excluded.


D. Geographical Guidelines:
All areas considered.


E. Treatment of Subject:
Materials are acquired to support the curricular and research needs of the Department of Art and Art History.


F. Types of Materials:
Books, directories, exhibition catalogs, prints. Periodicals (print and electronic) and electronic indexes considered basic for discipline.


G. Date of Publication:
Current materials primarily. Some retrospective if needed for research materials, source materials, or to fill gaps in collections.


H. Other General Considerations:
Materials housed primarily in the Art and Architectuire stacks, 2nd floor, Norlin Library and in Special Collections, 3rd floor, Norlin Library. Lesser used materials may be housed in off-site storage. Valuable/rare materials may have special conditions for use. Textbooks not usually purchased except to maintain a review and supplementary collection. Popular works purchased only if considered of quality.

III. Observations and Qualifications by Subject and LC Class

N Visual Arts

NA Architecture
NB Sculpture
NC Drawing. Design. Illustration.
ND Painting
NE Print media
NK Decorative arts
NX Arts in general


TR Photography
TT Handicrafts. Arts and Crafts.