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Bibliographer's Manual

Table of Contents | I. Introduction | II. Collection Development at UCB | III. Bibliographers | IV. Functions & Activities | V. Appendix



I. Introduction

Collection development is the process of planning, building, and maintaining a library’s information resources in a cost-efficient and user relevant manner.


Collection development in the University Libraries supports the Libraries’ mission, which is to “provide materials, information and other services to support instruction, research, and scholarship [at the Boulder campus.]” A secondary goal is to serve as a resource for Colorado residents’ information needs.


The activities of collection development include identifying, selecting, acquiring, deselecting, and preserving appropriate materials. It also includes collection management through analysis and evaluation of books, journals, microforms, audio-visual materials and electronic materials and access.


Intended Audience and Use
The Bibliographer’s Manual addresses Collection Development policies and procedures within the University Libraries of the University of Colorado, Boulder. It is intended, in this context, to serve as an orientation aid for new bibliographers, a sourcebook and guide to collection development for new and experienced bibliographers, and a reference for the non-bibliographer supervisor of bibliographers.