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III. Policies: Classics

  • Subject name: Classics
  • Subject abbreviations: CLASS
  • Bibliographer: Charlene Kellsey
  • Other subject responsibilities:
  • Address: 184 UCB, Cataloging Department, Norlin Library
  • Phone: 303-492-1183
  • Email: Charlene.Kellsey@colorado.edu

I. Purpose:
The Classics collection supports teaching of and research about the ancient world in Europe and the Middle East. It includes Greek and Latin language, Greek and Latin literature, history of Greece, Rome and the early civilizations of the Middle East, archaeology of these areas and ancient philosophy.

A. Curricular Emphasis:
Language instruction in Greek and Latin; undergraduate general education courses in classical literature, ancient history and arts and culture; upper division and graduate courses for majors in language, literature, history and classical archaeology.


B. Research Emphasis:
Ancient philosophy, Latin Literature, Byzantine history, Roman history, Roman law, Roman and Middle Eastern archaeology, Greek sculpture, Greek drama, military history, Latin language.


C. Levels of Degrees Granted:
BA, MA, PhD.


D. Other Subjects That Overlap and Utilize Materials:
History, Philosophy, Comparative Literature, Art History.


E. Institutes or Labs That Utilize Materials:
Center for Humanities and the Arts


F. Special Populations Outside the University That Utilize Materials:
Teachers of Latin, Interlibrary Loan patrons.


G. Other considerations:
The Classics bibliographer coordinates purchases with other bibliographers in the Libraries when there is overlap of disciplines, particularly in philosophy and history. Occasionally, the cost of a large set or database is shared with other bibliographers.

II. General Collection Guidelines:

A. Methods of Acquiring Materials:
Monographs are purchased through an approval plan for books from Blackwell North America and selection slips from European vendors Aux Amateurs du Livre, Casalini Libri and Harrassowitz. Faculty and graduate student requests have a high priority. Further selection is done from publishers' catalogs and mail notices of new publications. Gift materials are accepted selectively based on the needs of the collection.


B. Languages:
Primary texts in Greek and Latin; English translations both with and without the original text; critical editions and secondary sources in English, French, German or Italian.


C. Chronological Guidelines:
From earliest ancient times through 476 A.D. (through 1453 for Byzantine history and literature) and influence of the Classics on later periods.


D. Geographical Guidelines:
Materials published in the United States, Canada, England (particularly university presses); materials published in France, Germany, Italy, other European countries, Greece.


E. Treatment of Subject:
General works and surveys in English and English translations of literary works suitable for undergraduates; critical editions and academic secondary works on all major and many minor authors; linguistic works on Latin and ancient Greek; general and academic works on Greek and Roman history; archaeological site reports (selectively).


F. Types of Materials:
Majority of materials are books and subscriptions to essential journals (some in electronic format). Major reference works and indexes (either in paper or electronically). Some microforms and videos.


G. Date of Publication:
Emphasis on current materials with purchase of retrospective materials as they are identified and funds are available.


H. Other general considerations:
Most of the collection is located in the Norlin Library stacks and the Periodical Room. Major reference works are located in the Reference Dept. Some rare materials are in the Special Collections Dept. Less-used materials are in Pascal, the off-site storage facility.

III. Observations and Qualifications by Subject and LC Class
The LC Classes appropriate for Classics include:

PA1-2915 Greek and Latin philology and language

PA3051-4500 Ancient Greek literature

PA5000-5395 Byzantine Greek literature

PA6001-6971 Ancient Latin literature

DE The Mediterranean Region. The Greco-Roman world

DF1-289 Ancient Greek history

DG1-365 Ancient Roman history

CJ201-1397 Ancient numismatics

B108-708 Ancient philosophy and philosophers (translations; texts in the original language or translated into Latin go in PA under the author)