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III. Policies: Comparative Literature

I. Purpose:
The collection of literature supports the curriculum needs and research at the University of Colorado's Department of Comparative Literature and Humanities. The collection development emphasis is on acquiring current and retrospective materials to support the present and future needs of faculty and student research and teaching in the areas of comparative literature.

A. Curricular emphasis:
Instruction and curriculum in Comparative literature: Primary literature, Genre, Problematic


B. Research emphasis:
Prose, poetry and/or drama of primary and secondary literature; problematic to include literary history and criticism; literary theories and movements


C. Level of Degrees granted:


D. Special Studies Programs:
MA and PhD tracks in several national literatures: Chinese, German, Japanese and Russian.


E. Other Subjects That Overlap and Utilize Materials:
Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish literatures


F. Institutes or Labs That Utilize Materials:


G. Special Populations Outside University That Utilize Materials:
Interlibrary loan, public patrons


H. Other Considerations:
Primary materials (for example, novels and plays) in the original language without accompanying translation will be selected by the appropriate bibliographer for that language. The majority of the collection is located in the Norlin Library stacks. Major reference works are located in the Reference Department and some rare materials are housed in Special Collections. Older, less-used materials are housed in off-site storage (PASCAL).

II. General Collection Guidelines:

A. Methods of Acquiring Materials: General library approval plan via Blackwell North America, select firm orders via various vendors, special orders for faculty and students per request. Gift materials are accepted based on the needs of the collection.


B. Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. In general, no language historically or currently studied at the University of Colorado is excluded. Rather, the level and quality of the publication is the determining factor in the selection decision.


C. Chronological Guidelines: No time period is excluded from selection.


D. Geographical Guidelines:
No geographic limitations


E. Treatment of Subject:
Materials supporting the major graduate areas of study will be collected broadly. Special emphasis is on literature and criticism that is comparative in scope.


F. Types of Materials:
Monographs, monographic series, periodicals, bibliographies, microforms, electronic formats, reference sets and audio-visual materials that support curriculum and research (DVD format is preferred). Acquisition of CD-ROM format is discouraged.


G. Date of Publication:
Current and some retrospective


H. Other General Considerations:

1. Translations of works from the original language into English are generally acquired. Translations from the original into a non-English language are, generally, not acquired.

2. New editions of previously published titles are collected except when a mere reprint of library held title.

3. Duplicate holdings of imprints are discouraged. Retrospective purchasing of first editions of titles already held in the collection is discouraged unless determined to have additional scholarly value.

4. Rare books are not purchased for the general collection. The Comparative Literature bibliographer may cooperatively purchase items in agreement with the Special Collections bibliographer.

5. Reprints are purchased whenever possible, in lieu of rare and expensive originals.

III. Observations and Qualifications by Subject and LC Class

PN Theory. Philosophy. Esthetics, PN45-57

PN Criticism, PN80-99

PN Literary history, PN441-1009.5

PN Comparative Literature, PN851-884