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Trial Evaluation Form

Electronic Resource Trial Evaluation Form for University of Colorado at Boulder Students, Faculty, and Staff


The University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries would appreciate your comments on the resources (databases, ebooks, etc) we have access to on a trial basis. Your response will help us determine how to allocate our resources for future electronic resource purchases. Thank you for answering the following questions. If you have trouble with or questions about this form, please contact cdedept@colorado.edu.


1a. Name (optional)

1b. Academic Department (optional)

2. Status

3. Which resource did you use?
4. How did you learn about the University Libraries trial of this resource?
5. How many times did you use this resource during the trial?

6. For what class, assignment, or research project did you use this resource?
7. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=not at all satisfied, 2=not very satisfied, 3=somewhat satisfied, 4=very satisfied, 5=extremely satisfied, n/a = not applicable) please rate your satisfaction with the following aspects of this resource.
  a. Usefulness for my research
  b. Usefulness for my classroom assignments
  c. Difference from other resources in this subject area
  d. Ease of navigation
  e. Usefulness for teaching purposes
  f. Downloading, emailing, print functions

g. Search functionality

8. How frequently would you use this resource if the University Libraries would subscribe to it?


At least once a month

9. What did you like most about this resource?
10. What did you dislike most about this resource?
11. Would you recommend that the University Libraries subscribe to this resource?

12. Please share any other comments you have about this resource.