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III. Policies: Library and Information Science

  • Subject name: Library and Information Science
  • Subject abbreviations: LIBSCI
  • Bibliographer: Matthew Brower
  • Other subject responsibilities: Business
  • Address: 184 UCB
  • Phone: 303-492-7156
  • Email: Matthew.Brower@colorado.edu

I. Purpose:
There is no program in library science on this campus. The Library and Information Science collection supports the research of the Libraries faculty and the work of library personnel in the operation of an academic research library.

A. Other Subjects That Overlap and Utilize Materials:
Education, Business, Computer Science, Juvenile Literature


B. Special Populations Outside University That Utilize Materials:
Local librarians, regional library school students, and interlibrary loan

II. General Collection Guidelines:

A. Methods of Acquiring Materials:
Approval plan for books from Blackwell North America, faculty requests, and memberships in ALA, ARL, OCLC, and Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR). Also used are reviews from Library Journal, Publisher's Weekly, and other library publications. Gifts are accepted based on the needs of the collection.


B. Languages:
English only (with minor exceptions)


C. Chronological Guidelines:
Current publications.


D Geographical Guidelines:
Emphasis is placed on the United States.


E. Treatment of Subject:
Collection emphasizes the operation and administration of libraries and the management and organization of information.


F. Types of Materials:
Materials include monographs, serials, bibliographies in print and electronic formats.


G. Date of Publication:
Emphasis is on selection from current publishing and there is little retrospective buying.


H. Other General Considerations:
Major bibliographic reference works are located in the Reference Department and online. Older, less-used materials are housed in off-site storage (PASCAL). Duplicates are discouraged.

III. Observations and Qualifications by Subject and LC Class:

Z1-115.5 Books in general
Z116-718.8 Book industries and trade
Z719-1000.5 Libraries and library science
ZA Information resources (general)