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Serials Review 2010

Titles to be Reviewed | Reviewers Guide | Review Process and Timeline | Subject Specialists/Bibliographers | Basecamp


Link to 2010 Serials Review Project on Basecamp


Serials Review FAQs


Titles to be Reviewed

Serial orders by title (requires lib password) (updated 5/3/10)

Serial orders by fund (requires lib password) (updated 5/3/10)


Consortia Orders and Non-cancellable Titles (requires lib password)

Reviewers Guide

Serials Lists – Explanations for Bibliographers (requires lib password)

Describes the content of the spreadsheets.


Review Resources for Bibliographers (requires lib password)

Lists review resources for serials including Journal Citation Reports, Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, and SerialsSolutions. Includes instructions for using SerialsSolutions Client Center (database overlap analysis) and Ulrich’s Serials Analysis System


Usage Statistics for e-resources (requires lib password)

Portico Participating Titles

Review Process and Timeline

Timeline and Guidelines for Bibliographers (requires lib password)