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The University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries often evaluates electronic resources by requesting trial access to them. Libraries faculty and staff should submit a Trial Request Form to initiate a trial.


The University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries would appreciate your comments on the databases we have access to on a trial basis. Your response will help us determine how to allocate our resources for future electronic resource purchases. Click here to access the trial evaluation form.


Below is a workflow diagram illustrating the internal trial procedure:



Trials Protocol


Trial request initiated by bibliographers, consortia, or vendors


Trial request form completed by bibliographer OR Serials Acquisitions
(depending on how request was initiated)


Trial request form is submitted to both Serials Acquisitions and Collection Development


Collection Development will notify Serials Acquisitions if the trial is not approved


Serials Acquisitions contacts the vendor to establish the URL and the trial start and end dates


Serials Acquisitions creates the resource record in ERM for the license; if the request was not submitted by a bibliographer, Serials Acquisitions will create a description for the trial


In setting up the resource record, 2 ticklers will be created:

1.Three days prior to the end of the trial, Serials Acquisitions and the bibliographer will receive a tickler with the end date of the resource; this will allow the bibliographer time to alert Serials Acquisitions of any extension or changes to the trial end date - note: this first tickler can be customized to arrive earlier or later than the standard three days prior to the trial's end.

2. The day that the trial ends, a 2nd tickler will be sent to Serials Acquisitions and the bibliographer who requested the trial


New trials appear on the Trial Databases page until the trial ends


Serials Acquisitions will suppress the resource record for the trial so it no longer appears in Chinook