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III. Policies: Undergraduate

  • Subject name: Undergraduate
  • Subject abbreviations: N/A
  • Bibliographer: Caroline Sinkinson
  • Other subject responsibilities: N/A
  • Address: 184 UCB
  • Phone: 303-492-0450
  • Email: Caroline.Sinkinson@colorado.edu

I.   Purpose:
The undergraduate collection exists to support the undergraduate curriculum, particularly in the College of Arts and Sciences. Ongoing selection builds on this collection to provide for the broad study and information needs and cultural interests of undergraduate students.

A.    Curricular emphasis: The foundation of the collection was patterned after that of a four-year liberal arts college and provides basic works in all fields of learning, with emphasis on humanities, social sciences, and life sciences.


B.    Research emphasis:


C.   Level of Degrees granted:


D.   Special Studies Programs:


E.    Other Subjects That Overlap and Utilize Materials:
All subjects are collected.


F.    Institutes or Labs That Utilize Materials:


G.   Special Populations Outside University That Utilize Materials:


H.   Other Considerations

II. General Collection Guidelines:

A. Methods of Acquiring Materials:
Selection is accomplished primarily through the approval plan for books from Blackwell North America. Also used are reviews from Choice, NYT Book Reviews, Booklist, Publisher's Weekly, Library Journal, review journals in the various disciplines, and faculty and student requests.


B. Languages:
All non-fiction material is in English with the exception of foreign language dictionaries and grammars. Representative literature in the original language, particularly French, German, and Spanish, is included in response to curriculum needs. English translations of works of well-known contemporary foreign authors are purchased.


C. Chronological Guidelines:
All time periods


D. Geographical Guidelines:
No geographic area is excluded for selection. Emphasis is placed on the United States and North America. Coverage by region varies in response to the undergraduate curriculum needs.


E. Treatment of Subject: Non-fiction and fiction at a level appropriate for lower-division undergraduate students.


F. Types of Materials:
Materials include monographs, serials, reference sets, newspapers, maps, textbooks (when appropriate), microforms and information in electronic format.


G. Date of Publication:
Emphasis is on selection from current publishing and there is little retrospective buying.


H.   Other General Considerations:
The undergraduate selector collects primarily at the study level to support Social Sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences, and Interdisciplinary programs of study at the University of Colorado at Boulder. There is less emphasis on curricula in Engineering, Earth Sciences, Math/Physics, Business, and Music, which are covered by branch library collections, although basic materials that provide broad treatment at a level appropriate for lower-division undergraduate students will be collected in these areas.

III. Observations and Qualifications by Subject and LC Class

All classes of the Library of Congress system are collected.