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III. Policies: Women and Gender Studies

  • Subject name: Women and Gender Studies
  • Subject abbreviations: WSP
  • Bibliographer: Yem Fong
  • Other subject responsibilities:
  • Address: 184 UCB
  • Phone: 303-492-4414
  • Email: Judith.Fong@colorado.edu

I. Purpose:
The Women and Gender Studies Program, in the College of Arts & Sciences, has a complex mission:

1. To create and support the creation of new knowledge about women by uncovering, analyzing, and interpreting women's experience and elucidating the structural arrangements and cultural assumptions that have shaped men's and women's lives;


2. To provide for University, community and polity a source of information and influence upon which men and women might draw in their efforts to infuse women's experience in our social life.

A. Curricular emphasis
The undergraduate and graduate curricula reflect the latest scholarship on Women in U.S., global and third world feminist studies. Courses challenge students to critically examine the intersection of gender, race, class and sexuality within a wide-ranging field of study that includes the disciplines of anthropology, history, literature, philosophy, psychology, religion and sociology.


With either a Women and Gender Studies major or minor, students gain knowledge in five significant areas:

knowledge of gender in national and global contexts;


knowledge of women's participation in, contribution to, and transformation of social life, including culture, society, politics, the economy and religion;


knowledge of institutionalized discrimination and violence against women;


knowledge of historical forms of resistance and activism;


and knowledge of feminist research methods, including the relationship between theory and practice.

B. Research emphasis:
The faculty members of the Women and Gender Studies Program conduct both theoretical and empirical research across a range of topics related to gender and especially to the intersection of gender with issues of race, ethnicity, class and sexuality. Studies of the relationship of gender to race and ethnicity and global studies are the program's greatest strengths.


C. Level of Degrees granted:
The program offers a minor as well as a B.A. in Women and Gender Studies.


D. Special Studies Programs:
A graduate certificate program in Women and Gender Studies.


E. Other Subjects That Overlap and Utilize Materials
Sociology, Ethnics Studies, History, Literature and Religion


F. Institutes or Labs That Utilize Materials
Institute of Behavioral Science
Other departments


G. Special Populations Outside University That Utilize Materials
Interlibrary loan users / Public patrons

II. General Collection Guidelines:

A. Methods:
Approval plan for books from Blackwell North American as well as special orders as needed or by request. Microform purchases are from vendors.


B. Languages:
Primarily English. Occasionally foreign language materials upon faculty members' request.


C. Chronological Guidelines:
Emphasis is on women's issues in the 20th and 21st centuries, although previous ages are also represented to support the history and philosophy of this field.


D. Geographical Guidelines:
The program focus on global perspective, especially women issues in developing world.


E. Treatment of Subject:
Popular works and biographies are purchased selectively and related primarily in the social context, such as Victoria times, American Civil War or World War I and II. History of feminism development will be collected on a broad basis. Textbooks will generally not be collected except for exceptional quality, or upon request for reserve. Society publications (free brochures and newsletters) will be sent to the program's reading room.


F. Types of Materials:
Primarily books and journals. Some audio-visual materials, handbooks, guides, and directories as needed or upon request.


G. Date of Publication:
Emphasis is on current materials. Other purchasing will be very selective upon request by faculty members.


H. Other General Considerations:
Historical resources on Microfilm will be considered as co-purchase with History fund.

III. Observations and Qualifications by Subject and LC Class

There is no LC Class for Women and Gender Studies alone but the subject is often found under the following headings and others:

B Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

D History (General) and history of Europe

E History: America

F History America

G Geography. Anthropology. Recreation


H Social Science (General)

HB Economic theory. Demography

HD Industries. Land Use. Labor

HM Sociology

HN Social history and conditions. Social problems. Social reform.

HQ The Family. Marriage. Women

HT Communities. Classes. Races.

HV Social pathology. Social and public welfare. Criminology