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Diversity in the Libraries

The University Libraries recognizes the value and importance of a diverse university community. A diverse faculty and staff contribute to the diversity of the student body by helping to establish community on the campus. University Libraries Management Team (MT) has created a Diversity Task Force (DTF) whose role is to recommend an ongoing structural approach to promoting diversity and inclusion in the Libraries while supporting campus diversity initiatives and goals.


To help bring the Libraries goals into focus, the DTF is charged with identifying methods by which diversity can be brought into higher profile in the University Libraries workplace through consideration of one-time mechanisms and with a focus on sustained efforts. The DTF should propose structural changes to MT to promote diversity in an ongoing fashion and assist in the implementation of these structural changes as requested by MT.


The DTF has reviewed the previous Libraries Diversity Plan and will recommend a strategy to update the plan. The DTF will present a progress report to MT during spring 2014. At this time, the task force is preparing a survey to assess the organizational climate regarding diversity in the Libraries.


CU-Boulder embraces the involvement of every student, staff, and faculty member, recognizing that a truly diverse community includes individuals from a range of ethnic, regional, cultural, economic, and religious backgrounds — as well as first-generation students, veterans, persons with disabilities, students who are parents, people of different sexual and gender orientations, people of different ages and political viewpoints, and many others. Diversity is a theme in CU-Boulder’s Flagship 2030 Strategic Plan.


Diversity Task Force Membership: Amy Arenson, Laura Burfield, Lisa Carpenter, Jennifer Knievel, Beth Levrault, Paul Moeller, Leslie Reynolds.