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Dean's Spotlight: Scholarly Communication


On behalf of the staff and faculty of the University Libraries, I am pleased to bring you our webpages. As you use these pages, please be reminded that our primary mission is to remain central to the university community's discovery, communication, and use of knowledge by providing materials, information, and other services to support instruction, research and scholarship, and public service.


Ours is a mission driven by the strong belief that the University of Colorado values knowledge above information. The philosophy of service that we live by is therefore based on a high value for responsive, demand-driven smart services, collections of strong integrity, creative and innovative operations and services, realistic yet flexible goals, standards, policies and procedures, and an environment where students, staff and faculty can continue to grow and develop.


We are an organization dedicated to inquiry, discovery and self-education. And, through our webpages we intend to be accessible to you, independent of time, place or personal pace.


Joining in our mission is Friends of the Libraries, an organization that assists the Libraries in many ways.



After commencement exercises, graduates, families and friends gather
around the sundial at the Norlin Library east entrance.