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Journal Cancellation Project – AY05/06 Update

TO: Boulder Campus Teaching & Research Faculty, Deans, Directors, Dept Chairs, System Administration
FROM: University Libraries
SENDER: James F. Williams, II., Dean of Libraries
DATE: December 08, 2005
SUBJECT: Journal Cancellation Project - AY05/06 Update


As you are aware, the University Libraries conducted a serials review and journal cancellation project for FY05/06, and that project is now concluded. From the time this project was announced last spring, many of you worked with Library faculty to make difficult decisions about titles to cancel. Your participation was critical to the success of the project, and I join the Library faculty in thanking you for your input and advice.


As a reminder, the cancellation project was necessitated by the University’s ongoing budget constraints, combined with continuing inflationary constraints on the University Libraries’ journal budget. For example, the average annual journal price increase for research libraries in the past 5 years ranges from 8-11 %, depending upon discipline.


Our final cancellation list reflects a very high level of faculty input.  With your input, the Library faculty reviewed the usage of our current journals collections and how they support your teaching, research, and discovery needs. As part of this process, we strived to reduce (where feasible) duplication of publications that exist in both print and electronic formats. Thus, many of the titles selected for cancellation during this project reflect the changing means of access to journal and newspaper resources. 


More information about the journals review process, including the final list of titles to be cancelled, is available on the Libraries’ Collection Development web pages:




Cancellations will take effect beginning in January 2006.


We sincerely regret the necessity of this project, and deeply appreciate your continuing assistance in our efforts to maintain strong and meaningful collections that support the teaching, research and discovery needs of the faculty and students at CU- Boulder.