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FY05/06 Journal Cancellation Project - Update

TO: Boulder Campus Teaching & Research Faculty, Deans, Directors, Dept Chairs, System Administration
FROM: University Libraries

SENDER: James F. Williams, II, Dean of Libraries

DATE: August 12, 2005

SUBJECT: FY05/06 Journal Cancellation Project - Update


As announced last spring, due to continuing inflationary budget constraints beyond our control, the University Libraries will have to cancel approximately $600,000 in current journal titles in order to re-balance expenditures and remain within budget for FY05/06.


Despite previous journal cancellation projects and some increases to our information resources budget from the Provost, those actions have not been sufficient to keep pace with spiraling publishing prices; thus, the need for yet another journal cancellation project.


Over the past several months, the Bibliographers have worked with school / college / departmental faculty liaisons to select journals for cancellation, with the key objective to support / protect core instructional and research programs on campus. The decision factors applied during this process included general use, whether a title serves multiple disciplines, the title's impact factor, its cost-per-use, and annual cost. The list of titles recommended for cancellation is now available for broad review by the faculty at the following web site:




Comments on the recommended titles should be sent to your discipline's Bibliographer by September 1, 2005 (see the above web site for the list of Bibliographers).


Many thanks in advance to the faculty for their invaluable assistance as we face these difficult yet necessary decisions.