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Honor Roll

Thank you for your interest in and support of the University of Colorado Libraries. We will be recognizing gifts to Libraries funds by listing the names of our Friends here. Single click on a name below to see an example of a personalized thank you.



D. K. Bailey

Bergstedt Estate

John F. Campion

Rosetta H. Clark

Class of 1991

Paul-Louis Faye

Father Charles Forsyth

Friends of the Libraries

John L. Jerome Hart

Robert and Miriam Hart

Harriet Jeffery

Eleanor C. Keating

Lorena Ketterman Estate

Barry Kirschner

Dickson H. Leavens

Florence Becker Lennon

Marian Olson

Rare Books Associates

Otis and Elsie Teets

Walter and Janet Weir

Clifford P. Westermeier

Eugene and Jane Wilson

Kathryn Wilson


Should you wish to to remain anonymous please contact us and we will remove your name.