UCB Libraries

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A Message from the Dean of Libraries


The University Library System is dedicated to providing a learning environment that stimulates and nourishes discourse, discovery, the growth of ideas, and the creation of new knowledge. Library collections and services support both a diverse student body and a curriculum stretching over a wide range of programs. The foundation has been laid for the 21st century student-centered learning environment at CU-Boulder, with a state-of-the-art online catalog, nationally selected staff, and a wide range of print and electronic books and journals.


The next step -- building upon our strong foundation -- cannot be supported by traditional budgets. However, with your added support, we can achieve our goals as a learning organization, transform our outdated spaces, and reframe the Libraries to meet the current and future challenges.


Our desire to keep pace with change and to provide the most relevant resources possible has shaped our priorities for the future. Within this campaign, the University Libraries have identified three principal needs:

We must respond to and explore the impact and opportunities presented by new technologies.


We must provide facilities that encourage collaborative learning experiences.


We must develop and enhance services and access to resources.

Please join with us in our commitment to provide the highest quality environment where learning and innovation will take place.

James F. Williams, II
Dean of Libraries