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Subject Guide for Environment-Society Relations

From its earliest development as an academic field, geography has been concerned with the manifold relations between societies and their natural and built environments. Societies adapt and transform the environments they inhabit. They depend upon the use of resources and reduction of hazards for their survival and material well-being. They also assign meanings to the environment that vary over place and time, but that help define their identity and values within the world. Geographers tend to study these phenomena under the broad headings of resource use, natural hazards, sustainable development, landscape studies, cultural ecology, and environmental conservation. The University of Colorado has special strength in land and water resource issues in the American West, Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Students concentrating on environment-society relations are advised to take the introductory courses in human and physical geography and then, depending upon their academic interests and aims, to concentrate on specific topics and regions in the environment- society area. (Quoted from the Geography Department Website)


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GeoRef - The premier database for all facets of geography. Start here.

Web of Science - A broad-ranging database that covers sciences and soical sciences, including many major journals in human geography.


DOAJ - Although this goes beyond the sciences, many foreign geographical journals are listed hereIt is also free and open to all.


Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts - This database covers literature on meteorology, climatology, atmospheric chemistry and physics, astrophysics, hydrology, glaciology, physical oceanography and environmental sciences.


Biological Abstracts - The life sciences, with disciplines from botany to microbiology to pharmacology.

Journals By Sub-Discipline: If there is no online access, simply search the title in the library catalog.



Earth Surfaces Processes and Landforms

Journal of Geophysical Research



Journal of Hydrology

Hydrological Processes

Water Resources Research




Theoretical and Applied Climatology


Glaciology, Artic and Alpine Research

Glacial Geology and Geomorphology

Mountain Research and Development

Artic and Alpine Research


Forest Ecology

Forest Ecology and Management


Open Forest Science Journal


Social/Cultural Geography
Journal of Cultural Geography
Social & Cultural Geography
Cultural Geographies

CU Library Subject Guides

Environmental Issues (Science and Engineering)

Government Publications on Environment

Government Publications on Water Resources

Government Publications on Climate


American Association of Geographers


National Geographic Association


National Council for Geographic Education


Geographical Association


Royal Geographical Society



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