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photo: Arrow of Time


plaque: Arrow of Time

The Arrow of Time

An Artistic Perspective of Geologic Time


On the southwest exterior plaza of the Benson Earth Sciences Building is a special work of art entitled The Arrow of Time by Denver artist Elaine Calzolari.


The Arrow of Time depicts the geologic time table scaled to the length of the plaza. From the building's south entrance, one walks backward through time -- starting at the Present at the east end and ending 570 million years ago at the Pre-Cambrian/Cambrian boundary at the west end. Concrete bands mark each of the eras, proportioned to their respective length of time. Every 2 61/64 inches equals one million years.


The stones used in the artwork mimic rock formations, increasing in deformation with age. The stones used in each period are from the age they represent. They came from a wide variety of stoneyards, quarries, and mines. A key which details the various epochs, their representative stones, and place of origin is included on the dedication plaque.


The Arrow of Time is dedicated to George Anderman, an oil geologist, entrepreneur, and patron of the arts. An inveterate world traveler, his oil explorations and love of adventure took him to such far flung locations as Siberia, New Guinea, and the Philippines. Funds for this artwork were designated as part of Colorado's Art in Public Places program.