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Subject Guide for Human Geography

Human geography first and foremost involves the study of human beings--more specifically, of the organization of human activity and of spatial patterns as they affect and, in turn, respond to the world about us. The processes under study derive from distinct, but interactive, substructures: pursuit of livelihood (economic), social interaction (socio-political), and historical inertia and meaning (cultural). The products are change, conflict, diffusion, differentiation, and repetition in the human organization of the land. These same human processes will interact with biophysical processes, (e.g., air quality or plant introductions) to shape humanized landscapes and regional character. Human geographers typically investigate problems associated with locational strategies and human decisions. Such problems cut through subjects as diverse as analysis of regional markets, racial segregation in cities, migration flows, hazardous sites, international development, medieval landscape patterns, or formulation of impact statements. (Quoted from the Geography Department Website)


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GeoRef - The premier database for all facets of geography. Start here.


Web of Science - A broad-ranging database that covers sciences and social sciences, including many major journals in human geography.

Science Direct - Direct access to many Elsevier science journals.


DOAJ - A broad-reaching database, most importantly, it is free and open to all and has a few important journals.

Journals By Sub-Discipline: If there is no online access, simply search the title in the library catalog.

Progress in Human Geography
Human Geography: A Radical New Journal


Social/Cultural Geography
Journal of Cultural Geography
Social & Cultural Geography
Gender, Place and Culture
Cultural Geographies

Journal of Economic Geography
Eurasian Geography and Economics
Economic Geography


Political Geography
Space & Polity
Social Geography


Landscape and Urban Planning
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
Urban Geography


Social Science & Medicine

International Journal of Health Geographics
Health & Place

American Association of Geographers


National Geographic Association


National Council for Geographic Education


Geographical Association


Royal Geographical Society



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