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Course Guide for JPNS 4300/5150

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This is a guide of librarian-selected materials that will assist you with your research and translation work. Use the tabs above to locate research resources. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you wish to set up an appointment for research help.

Author Resources



To find books by an author do an AUTHOR search in Chinook


To find books about an author or an author's work, do a KEYWORD search in Chinook and type in the author's name.


Search WorldCat to see what other libraries hold, and request material through Prospector or Inter-Library Loan.


Or do a SUBJECT search in Chinook to browse the subjects in the catalog:


To find articles about authors and/or their work, try:

CU Bibliography of Asian Studies

CU Biography and genealogy master index

CU Contemporary authors

CU Columbia Granger's world of poetry

CU Dictionary of literary biography

CU Journal of Asian Studies

CU Journal of Japanese Studies

MLA International Bibliography

CU Monumenta Nipponica

CU Oxford reference online : premium collection

CU = Available to CU affiliates only.
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Novel Resources


To find books about a novel, do a KEYWORD search in Chinook under the author's name and under the title of the work (use both).E.g. Murakami and Wild Sheep Chase


Once you find a record that looks useful you can search by the subject heading to find similar works, or physically browse the stacks around the call number.


Search WorldCat to see what other libraries hold, and request material through Prospector or Inter-Library Loan.


To find more specific material do a SUBJECT search in Chinook to find relevant subject headings:


Use and adapt these subject keywords
Japanese Literature 20th Century History and Criticism
Japanese Short Stories
Japanese Literature Women Authors



To find critical journal articles about a novel, try the following databases. Look under the title of the work, as well as under the author's name.


Start Here:


CU Bibliography of Asian Studies

CU Contemporary literary criticism

CU Journal of Asian Studies

CU Journal of Japanese Studies


CU Literature Online

CU MLA international bibliography

CU Monumenta Nipponica

CU Project Muse


CU = Available to CU affiliates only.
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Poetry Resources


Books about a specific poem generally are not found in the Library. However, sections of books which provide a critical discussion of an author's overall work may discuss a specific poem.


Do a KEYWORD search in Chinook under the author's name or the title of the anthology in which the poem is found

e.g. Sarumino

to find where those books are in the Library. Go to that area and look in each book's 'Index' under that specific Poem's title.


Search WorldCat to see what other libraries hold, and request material through Prospector or Inter-Library Loan.


To find more specific material do a SUBJECT search in Chinook to find relevant subject headings


Use and adapt these subject keywords
Haiku History and Criticism
Japanese Poetry Translations into English
Japanese Poetry 20th Century



To find articles about a poem, search in the following databases. Use the title of the work to see if there are specific references. Using the author's name may retrieve general critical discussion about an author's poetic work.


Start Here: MLA international bibliography




CU Bibliography of Asian Studies

CU Columbia Granger's world of poetry

CU Journal of Asian Studies

CU Journal of Japanese Studies


CU Literature Online

CU Monumenta Nipponica

CU Project Muse


CU = Available to CU affiliates only.
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Literary Theory Resources

Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory & Criticism Online [CU]

The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms [CU]


Introduction to library research in French literature

Z2171 .B34


Routledge Encyclopedia of Narrative Theory
PN212 .R68 2005


Introducing literary theories : a guide and glossary
PN81 .I62 2001


The Norton anthology of theory and criticism
PN86 .N67 2001


Studying literature : the essential companion
PN59 .G67 2001


Twentieth-century literary movements dictionary : a compendium to more than 500 literary, critical, and theatrical movements, schools, and groups from more than 80 nations, covering the novelists, poets, short-story writers, dramatists, essayists, theorists, and works, genres, techniques, and terms associated with each movement
PN597 .T94 2000


The Bedford glossary of critical and literary terms
PN41 .M874 1997


Texts and contexts : writing about literature with critical theory
PE1479.C7 L96 1994

CU = Available to CU affiliates only.
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Literature Resources

General Resources


Bungei nenkan CU


Bungei shiryō jiten文芸資料事典CU

Bungei shiryō jiten II 文芸資料事典II CU


Gendai bungaku kenkyu: joho to shiryo CU


Gendai nihon bungaku koza CU


Gunsho Ruiju CU


Kokugo kokubungaku nenkan CU


Meiji Taisho Showa honyaku bungaku mokuroku CU


Nihon bundanshi CU


Nihon bungaku shinshi CU


Nihon jinbutsu bunken sakuin, bungaku. 80-90日本人物文献索引. 文学, 80-90 CU


Nihon jinbutsu bunken sakuin, bungaku, 1991-2005日本人物文献索引. 文学, 1991-2005 CU


Nihon sakuhinmei yomikata jiten CU


Nihon no shiika zenjoho CU


Nihon no shosetsu zenjohon CU


Oe kara Banana made: Gendai bungaku kenkyu annai CU


Saishin bungakushō jiten. 2004-2008最新文学賞事典. 2004-2008: A diretory of literary prizes, 2004-2008. CU


Sakka kenkyu daijiten: Meiji, Taisho, Showa CU


Sakuhin kara hikeru Nihon bungaku sakka, shosetsu koijin zenshu annai CU


Sakuhin kara hikeru Nihon bungaku shiika, haijin, kijin zenshu annai CU


Shinpen kokka CU


The Princeton Companion to Classical Japanese Literature CU


Online Resources


Aozora Bunko


Kokubungaku Shiryokan


Index of Classical Works: Translations, studies, e-books


Japanese Text Initiative


Koten sogo database: Japanese and Chinese classics


National Institute of Japanese literature Digital Library


NDL Digital library from the Meiji era: A collection of Meiji era works organized into ten categories: (0) general (総記, sōki); (1) philosophy (哲学, tetsugaku); (2) history (歴史, rekishi); (3) social sciences (社会科学, shakai kagaku); (4) natural sciences (自然科学, shizen kagaku); (5) engineering and manufacturing (工学・工業, kōgaku/kōgyō); (6) industry (産業, sangyō); (7) arts and athletics (芸術・体育, geijutsu/taiiku); (8) language (語学, gogaku); and (9) literature (文学, bungaku). The library now includes over 170,000 titles.



Toyo Bunko (Access through JapanKnowledge) CU


Japanese Literature in Translation


Bibliography of Translations from the Japanese into Western Languages CU


Index Translationum: International Bibliography of Translations CU


Japanese literature in European languages CU


Japanese Literature in Foreign Languages 1945-1995 CU


Modern Japanese literature in translation CU


Japanese Women Writers in English Translation: An Annotated Bibliography CU


Pre-modern Japanese Texts and Translations


Japanese Literature in Translation


Japanese Literature Dictionaires

Pre-modern Japanese Literature Dictionaries



Basho jiten CU


Chusei Kamakura Muromachi bungaku jiten CU


Genji monogatari jiten CU


Genji monogatari chūshakusho kyōjushi jiten CU


Haikai daijiten CU


Haiku kansho jiten CU


Heiancho bungaku jiten CU


Heian bungaku kenkyu handobukku CU


Heian jidaishi jiten CU


Issa daijiten CU


Jodai setsuwa jiten CU


Kojiki, Nihon shoki o shiru jiten CU


Kabuki, joruri gedai jiten CU


Kusazōshi jiten CU


Makura no sōshi daijiten CU


Manyoshu jiten CU


Manyoshu makurakotoba jiten CU


Nihon denki densetsu daijiten CU


Nihon koten bungaku daijiten CU


Nihon koten bungaku kenkyushi daijiten CU


Nihon utakotoba hyōgen jiten CU


Nikki bungaku jiten CU


Otogi-zōshishū goi sakuin御伽草子集語彙索引CU


Otogi-zōshi jiten CU


Setsuwa bungaku jiten CU


Senryu hyogen jiten CU


Shinpen senryu daijiten CU


Shintei zōho nō, kyōgen jiten新訂増補能・狂言事典 CU


Tsurezuregusa jiten CU


Utamakura utakotoba jiten CU


Waka daijiten CU


Waka no utamakura chimei daijiten CU


Waka shokubutsu hogen jiten CU


Yomihon jiten : Edo no denki shōsetsu = Yomihon jiten CU


Ziuhitsu jiten CU


Modern Japanese Literature Dictionaries

Akutagawa Ryūnosuke shin jiten CU


Edogawa Ranpo shōsetsu kīwādo jiten CU


Gendai nihon bungaku daijiten CU


Gendai Nihon shippitsusha daijiten CU


Gendai tanka bunrui jiten CU


Gendaishi daijiten = Encyclopedia of modern Japanese poetry CU


Kindai Nihon josei seikatsu jiten CU


Kinsei bungaku kenkyu jiten CU


Kawabata Yasunari zensakuhin kenkyū jiten CU


Murakami Haruki iero jiten CU


Murakami Haruki sakuhin kenkyū jiten CU


Nakagami Kenji jiten : ronkō to shuzai mokuroku CU


Natsume Sōseki jiten CU


Nihon tantei shōsetsu jiten CU


Ōe Kenzaburō bungaku jiten CU


Yokomitsu Riichi jiten CU

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Books on Translation at Norlin Library


A practical guide for translators CU


Becoming a translator: an intorduction to the theory and practice of translation CU


Expertise and explication in the translation process CU


About Translation CU


Honyaku kyōshitsu : = Lectures on literary translation from English to Japanese CU


Introduction to the professions of translation and intrepretation CU


Method in translation history CU


New trends in translation studies CU


Nihongo-rashii hyogen kara Eigo-rashii hyogen e CU


Professional issues for translators and interpreters CU

The art of translation: voices from the field CU


The Routledge companion to translation studies CU


The translator's handbook CU


Translation: an advance reader's book CU


Translator and interpreter training : issues, methods and debates CU


Translators on translating : inside the invisible art CU


Translation and literature CU


Journals on Translations at Norlin Library


Babel CU


InTRAlinea CU


New Voices in Translation Studies CU


Target CU


Translating and Interpreting Studies CU


Translation and Literature CU


Translation Jourrnal CU


Translation Studies CU







Reference works in print can be found in the East Asian Reference Department Stacks (map)


Guides to Reference Tools

A guide to reference books for Japanese studies CU


Bibliography of reference works for Japanese studies CU


Japan and the Japanese: a bibliographic guide to reference resources CU


Nihon no sanko tosho CU


Research in Japanese sources: A guide CU

Personal Names, Biographies, and Geneaologies

Guides to Reading Japanese Names


Chosakuken daicho: Bunkajin meiroku CU


Japanese names: a comprehensive index by characters and readings CU


Japanese, Chinese, and Korean surnames and how to read them CU


Jinmei yomikata jiten人名よみかた辞典CU


Konsaisu Nihon Jinmei Jiten コンサイス日本人名事典CU


Namae kara hiku jinmei jiten CU


Nihon seishi daijiten CU


Seisshi kakei daijiten CU




Biographical dictionary of Japanese literature CU


Biographical dictionary of Japanese history CU


Chosakuken daicho: Bunkajin meiroku CU


Dai Nihon jinmei jisho CU


Geinō jinbutsu jiten: Meiji, Taisho, Showa CU


Gendai hyōronka jinmei jiten CU


Haikai jinmei jiten CU


Jinbutsu refarensu jiten: kodai, chusei, kinsei hen CU


Jinbutsu refaransu jiten: Meiji, Taisho, Showa (Senzen hen) CU


Jinbutsu shoshi sakuin (1979) CU


Jinbutsu shoshi sakuin (1978-1991) CU


Jinbutsu shoshi sakuin (1992-2000) CU


Kadokawa Nihon seishi rekishi jinbutsu daijiten CU


Kokushi daijiten CU


Meiji jinmei jiten CU


Nihon jinbutsu bunken mokuroku CU


Nihon jinmei daijiten 日本人名大事典 CU


Nihon josei jinmei jiten CU


Nihon josei jinmei sosakuhin CU


Nihon jinmei daijiten (Available online through JapanKnowledge) CU


Nihon kodai jinmei jiten CU


Rainichi Seiyō jinmei jiten来日西洋人名事典: A biographical dictionary of immagrants and travelers to Japan. CU


Sakka no jiden CU


Sakka, shōsetsuka jinmei jiten CU


Seishi kakei daijiten CU


Sengoku jinmei jiten CU


Shintei gendai nihon jinmeiroku CU


Showa jinmei jiten CU


Taisho jinmei jiten CU


Waga kindai nihon jinbutsushi CU


Waka, haikaishi jinmei jiten CU


Place Names


Nihon chimei daihyakka : rando Japonika = Land Japonica CU


Nihon rekishi chimei taikei CU (Available through JapanKnowledge)


Zenkoku chimei yomigana jiten CU

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Online Dictionaries


JapanKnowledge Plus  A collection of reference materials and some full text journals.Dictionaries include: Japanese, English-Japanese, Japanese-English, English-English, dictionaries of current words (Imidas/and Gendai yōgo no kiso chishiki),dictionary of scientific terms (Kagaku gijutsu ryakugo jiten), biographical dictionary (Nihon jinmei daijiten, the JK Who's Who), character dictionary (Jitsū).


Denshi jisho


Infoseek Multi Dictionay


Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Japanese-English Dictionary Server




Sanseido Web Dictionary


General Dictionaries


Kenkyusha’s new Japanese-English Dictionary CU  


Kodansha's Furigana Japanese-English Dictionary CU




Nihongo daijiten日本語大辞典CU 


Character Dictionaries


The compact Nelson Japanese-English character dictionary CU

The New Nelson Japanese-English character dictionary CU


Daijisen 大辞泉 CU


Daijiten 大字典 CU


Dai kan-wa jiten大漢和辭典CU


Gakken Kan-Wa daijiten学研漢和大字典 CU


Iwanami Kango jiten岩波漢語辞典CU


Japanese character dictionary: with compound lookup via any kanji CU


Kadokawa daijiten角川大字源CU


Ko kan-wa jiten 廣漢和辭典CU


The Kodansha Kanji learner's dictionary CU


Kōdansha shin daijiten講談社新大字典CU


Nankun Jiten CU


Grammar Dictionaries        


A dictionary of basic Japanese grammar日本語基本文法辞典CU


A dictionary of intermediate Japanese grammar 日本語文法辞典CU   


A dictionary of advanced Japanese grammar 日本語文法辞典


Nihon bunpo jiten日本語文法辞典 CU


Nihongo bunpō daijiten日本語文法大辞典CU


Nihongo jiten日本語事典 CU


Obunsho kogo jiten 旺文社古語辞典 CU


Classical Japanese Dictionaries


A descriptive grammar of early Old Japanese prose CU


A grammar of classical Japanese CU


A reference grammar of classical Japanese prose CU


Bungo manual: selected reference materials for students of classical Japanese CU


Classical Japanese: a grammar CU


Classical Japanese: Illustrated with texts CU


Heiancho bunposhi CU


Koten bunpo hikkei CU


Koten ni chikazuku bunpo CU


Nihon koten bungaku daijiten CU


Nihon koten hakubutsu jiten. Dōbutsu hen日本古典博物事典. 動物篇: A dictionary of terms related to animals in Japanese literature.


Nihongo o mitsumeta bunpo CU


The Princeton companion to classical Japanese literature CU


Language Dictionaries by Chronological Era


Edogo daijiten江戶語大辞典CU


Edogo jiten 江戶語辞典CU


Edo Meiji Tōwa yōrei jiten CU


Jidaibetsu kokugo daijiten Jodaihen 時代別国語大辞典. 上代編CU


Jidaibetsu kokugo daijiten Muromachihen 時代別国語大辞典. 室町時代編CU


Meiji no kotoba jiten CU




A bibiliography of Japanese dialects CU


Ainugo hogen jiten CU


Hogen zokugo gogen jiten CU


Nihon hogen daijiten CU


Nihon hogen jisho Showa Heisei no seikatsu go CU


Ōsaka kotoba jiten CU


Zenkoku hogen jisho CU


Archaic Words


Iwanami kogo jiten岩波古語辞典CU


Kadokawa Kogo Daijiten CU


Loan Words


Gendai yogo no kiso chishiki  現代用語の基礎知識CU   


Kadokawa gairaigo jiten CU


Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homonyms


Kadokawa ruigo shin jiten 角川類語新辞典 CU


Ruigo daijiten 類語大辞典 CU


Ruigigo tsukaiwake jiten : Nihongo ruiji hyōgen no nyuansu no chigai o reishōsuru CU




Eigojin to Nihonjin to tame no nihongo gitaigo jiten CU


Giseigo, Gitaigo Kan'yoku Jiten 擬声語擬態語慣用句辞典 CU


Nihongo onomatope jiten : giongo, gitaigo 4500 CU




Gendai keigo jiten CU


Kanchigai keigo no jiten : kata de miwakeru goyō no keigo CU


Keigo yoho jiten CU




Koji Zokushin Kotowaza Daijiten CU


Seigorin: Koji Kotowaza Kan'yoku CU




Engeki hyakka daijiten CU


Geino jiten CU


Kabuki jiten CU


Kabuki joruri gedai jiten CU




A dictionary of Japanese Buddist terms CU


Bukkyo shokubutsu jiten仏敎植物辞典: A dictionary of the biological aspects of Buuddism. CU


Bukkyogo daijiten佛敎語大辞典 CU


Bukkyōgo yomikata jiten佛敎語大辞典 CU


Iwanami Bukkyo jiten岩波仏教辞典 CU


Mochizuki Bukkyo daijiten望月佛教大辞典 CU


Nihon no shinbutsu no jiten CU


Nihon shukyo jiten CU


Nihon shukyo minzoku jiten日本宗教民俗図典CU


Shinsōban Butsugu jiten CU


Shinsōban Dōgen jiten CU


Shinsōban Koji junrei jiten CU


Shinsōban Kūkai jiten CU


Shugendō jiten CU


Culture and Society


E de miru Meiji, Taishō reigi sahō jiten CU


E de yomu Edo no kurashi fūzoku daijiten 絵でよむ江戶のくらし風俗大事典 CU


Edo jidai josei seikatsu ezu daijiten CU


Edo jidaikan : Bijuaru waido江戶時代館 : ビジュアル・ワイド: a pictorial work on Edo culture and society. CU


Edo o shiru jiten CU


Genbaku bunken daijiten原爆文献大事典 : 1945 (昭和 20) 年~2002 (平成 14) 年CU


Meiji jidaikan = The Meiji period明治時代館 = The Meiji period: A pictorial work on the culure and soicety of the Meiji period. CU


Meiji mono no hajimari jiten CU


Meiji mono no ryūkō jiten CU


Kokumin hyakka jiten CU


Nenjū gyōji, girei jiten CU


Nenjū gyōji daijiten年中行事大辞典: A dictionary of annual festivals. CU


Nihon shakai minzoku jiten日本社会民俗辞典 CU


Nihon sesogo shiryo jiten. Taisho hen CU


Nihon sesogo shiryo jiten. Showa sensen hen CU


Nihon gendai bungaku daijiten CU


Nihon minzoku jiten CU


Nihon yōgaku jinmei jiten日本洋学人名事典CU


Oni no daijiten : yōkai, ōken, sei no kaidoku CU


Seisen Nihon minzoku jiten精選日本民俗辞典CU


Tokugawa Bakufu jiten CU


Zusetsu Edo daidōgei jiten図說江戶大道芸事典: A dictionary of Edo period street theatre.


Historical Resources


Chihōshi bunken sōgō mokuroku地方史文献総合目: A bibliography of local history in Japan. CU


Genpei kassen jiten源平合戦事典: A dictionary of the Gempei Wars, 1180-1185.



Kokushi daijiten國史大辭典 CU     


Kunibetsu han to jōkamachi no jiten国别藩と城下町の事典: An encyclopedia of individual domains and castle towns of the Tokugawa period, 1600-1868. CU


Nihonshi kojiten日本史広辞典 CU


Online Encyclopedias


Kodansha’s Encyclopedia of Japan (Available in JapanKnowledge. Please refer to this guide http://www.library.arizona.edu/help/tutorials/japanknowledge/index.html)

Encyclopedia of Japanese Culture  


Print Encyclopedias


Dai Nihon hyakka jiten CU


Koji ruien古事類苑 CU


Modern Japan: an encyclopedia of history, culture, and nationalism CU

Gazetteers and Historical Atlases

A gazetteer of Japanese place names in characters and in Romaji script CU


Konsaisu Nihon chimei jiten CU


Nihon bungaku chimei daijiten CU


Nihon chimei daihyakka: Rando Japonica CU


Nihon chimei daijiten CU


Nihon chimei sakuin CU


Nihon rekishi chizu CU


Zenkoku chimei yomigana jiten CU


Zoho dai nihon chimei jisho CU

Calendars and Chronologies

Online Resources


Gengo Converter


National Diet Library, the Japanese Calendar




Print Resources


Dare de mo yomeru furigana tsuki Nihon kodaishi nenpyo CU


Dare de mo yomeru furigana tsuki Nihon chuseishi nenpyo CU


Dare de mo yomeru furigana tsuki Nihon kinseishi nenpyo CU


Japanese chronological tables: from 601 to 1872 A.D CU


Kindai Nihon sogo nenpyo CU


Nihon bungaku dainenpyo CU


Nihon bunka sogo nenpyo CU


Nihon inyo rekijutsu taishohyo CU


Nihonreki Seireki gappi taishohyo CU


Nihon rekishi nenpyo CU


Nihonshi nenpyo日本史年表: A chronology of Japanese history. CU


Showa bungaku nenpyo昭和文学年表: A chronology of Showa period history CU



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