UCB Libraries

IM the Engineering Library

You can Instant Message (IM) staff at the Engineering Library whenever we are open.


Using your Yahoo!, MSN, AIM or Google Talk software, contact our screen-name: englibref (@hotmail.com for MSN).




Screen-name: englibref


If you are on a public computer or do not otherwise have access to your IM software, you can login to any of these through Meebo.


What can I ask?

Anything related to engineering or the University Libraries. Questions that involve deeper research may be referred to email or appointment.


Who can ask?

We prioritize our services for the faculty, students, and staff of the University of Colorado at Boulder, but welcome public inquiries as well.


Will you protect my privacy?

Absolutely. We purge all contacts and do not divulge any screen-names or other information to any third party. We do review transcripts for quality assurance, but only within the Libraries.


We also ask you to not send any private information over IM, and we cannot accept any file transfers.