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Floorplan-Lower Level

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Floorplan-Lower Level


ENGINE STACKS: bookshelves are on moveable tracks. The stacks above with bold lines are stationary. There are three moveable ranges between two stationary ranges. To operate:

  • Go to the stack group where your materials are shelved.
  • Find the open aisle and make sure it is clear of people and step stools.
  • Press reset button. All of the lights in that moveable group will turn green.
  • Go to aisle you want to open, press arrow pointing to the aisle you want to open.

SAFETY: A flexible plate is on one side, at the bottom of each moveable range. Touch this plate with your foot and the stack will stop moving instantly.


CIRCULATION: If the material is not on the shelf and Chinook indicates it is available ask for help at the Circulation Desk. 


REFERENCE: If you need help locating appropriate materials for your topic or research area please ask for a librarian at the Info Desk.