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U.S. Patent Searches

U. S. Patent and Trademark Office features online publications, downloadable forms in Adobe Acrobat format, and other information. Use the U.S. Patent Databases to obtain the "full text of all US patents issued since January 1, 1976, and full-page images of each page of every US patent issued since 1790." Although the site includes older patents, search options are limited to patent number and current US classification number. Use the Manual of U. S. Patent Classification to determine the current US classification number.


Google Patent Search allows the user to search the entire contents of U.S. patents filed from 1776 to the present. Use the advanced search feature to search by inventor name, patent number, issue or filing date, keyword, phrase, and current U.S. or international patent classification. Although its ability to search by patent classification is limited, it exposes the complete contents of U.S. patents to searching.




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International Patents
European Patent Office (EPO) provides a search for patent documents from member countries. Its esp@cenet database includes over 45,000,000 documents.
World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) provides the Intellectual Property Digital Library, a searchable database of patent applications (PCT Database), international marks (Madrid), and bibliographic entries for details of articles published in leading scientific and technical periodicals (JOPAL). Register to use the database or login as a guest user.




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Research Guides

Research Roundup: Searchable IP Databases a guide to state, US, and international intellectual property (patents, copyrights, and trademarks) databases that are available on the Web.


Researching Intellectual Property Law in an International Context a guide to international legal research that covers patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Cites both print and internet resources.



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These are relevant resources that are freely available on the Web.

Software Patent Institute provides publications and a database that contains descriptions of software technologies. These descriptions are derived from "computer manuals, older textbooks and older journal articles, conference proceedings, computer science theses, and other such materials, since these are where pointers may be found to prior art."



This federated vertical search portal was created through the collaboration of 21 leading science and technology societies, and includes USPTO records.


World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Collection of Laws an electronic collection of intellectual property laws from 35 countries and treaties administered by WIPO. Contains the full text and bibliographic citations. Available in Spanish, French, and English.



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