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Finding Government Technical Reports


This page describes how to search for and locate technical reports from the National Technical Information Service, or NTIS, using Engineering Village, the National Technical Research Library or (NTRL) and the Government Information Library at CU.

The NTIS database includes citations for reports published by government agencies or as a result of government-funded research. These reports relate to a broad range of subjects in science, technology, and business.

Affiliates of CU have access to the large majority of these reports either through the National Technical Reports Library (NTRL) database or through the Government Information Library, but the process for locating these reports can be very confusing! This page is designed to walk you through this process and help you locate NTIS materials quickly and efficiently. If you prefer, a video tutorial detailing the steps for locating technical reports is available at the right.

To search for and access Technical Reports through NTIS, you will need to do the following:

  1. Search the NTIS database for citations related to your topic
  2. After identifying citations related to your topic in NTIS, search for your selected citations in the NTRL database to access technical reports available online through the library.
  3. If the reports you located in NTIS are not available online through NTRL, contact the Government Information Library

Part I: Searching NTIS

Learn how to search the NTIS database for Technical Reports using Engineering Village.

View Search I Example


Part II: Searching NTRL

After you have searched in the NTIS database (see Search Example I) and located a list of government technical reports on your topic, how do you get the full-text of these reports? To begin, you will run a search for your selected citations in the National Technical Reports Library (or “NTRL”) database.

View Search II Example

Part III: Visiting the Government Information Library

Learn how to check if the Government Information Library owns a Technical Document, which is not available online.

View Part III Example

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