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Friends of the Libraries

Friends of the Libraries is an organization of individuals dedicated to assisting the UCB Libraries in many ways.

"I think the health of our civilization, the depth of our awareness about the underpinnings of our culture and our concern for the future, can all be tested by how well we support our libraries." -- Carl Sagan

We seek to:

ADVANCE University academic achievement by supporting students and faculty with information resources of all kinds.


ENRICH the academic, social, cultural, economic and research environment for Colorado by providing easy access to the most up-to-date information.


NURTURE the community's interests through exhibits, lectures, and special collections -- such as children's books, Western Americana, mountaineering, art, music, etc.

We also conduct a series of activities and events to which the University and Boulder communities are invited.


We invite you to join the Friends in our goals to strengthen the University Libraries. For more information on our activities or joining the Friends, stop by to see us or call 303-492-7511. Our e-mail address is fol@colorado.edu.

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