UCB Libraries

CU Boulder’s Electronic Use Policy for Government Information

The CU-Boulder Government Information Library complies with all FDLP Internet Use Policy Guidelines.

The University Libraries does not use filtering software on any of its public computers. 
The campus and the Libraries have heavily invested in electronic resources and the equipment required to access and use electronic resources to meet the research, teaching, and learning needs of students, faculty, and staff.  While the primary use of computers and electronic resources is to support the academic needs of the campus, Norlin and the branch libraries have a number of computers available for use by walk-in users not affiliated with the university.  Use of these computers is allowed within certain limits. 

All users are not permitted to:

  • Violate copyright laws or database licensing restrictions;
  • Access or distribute material that is pornographic in nature;
  • Bypass security protections on individual computers;
  • Engage in any form of hacking or unauthorized use of networked resources;
  • Install any software or hardware devices on Libraries computers except USB thumb drives for saving content;
  • Disassemble computers or disconnect network or power cables from computer or wall.

Any charges accrued using online resources are the responsibility of individual users.  The Libraries does not encrypt data sent or received through its Internet services so the connection should not be considered secure.  

Priority of use for computing resources is given to students, faculty, and staff.  Priority is also given to users of government depository information.  Users not affiliated with the campus may be asked to discontinue using computers during peak periods in order to meet the needs of primary clientele.

Security personnel within the Libraries or campus police are authorized to ask for identification when they suspect that a user is not complying with these restrictions on the use of computers or when a user fails to comply with a request to discontinue use of a computer within the Libraries.  Security personnel or campus police are also authorized to pursue further action in accordance with University policies. 


The Government Information department provides dedicated terminals for access to a select number of government information CD-ROM products.  In addition, the majority of the CD-ROMS received by the Government Information Library are available for circulation; please check Chinook to see which CD-ROMS are in our collection. If you don't have access to a computer, we will be happy to install a CD-ROM on one of our dedicated computers at your request


Users of government information may purchase a Patron/Print Card for one dollar at the vending machine in Norlin Library. Users should use the same machine to add value to the card. Note that this is a different card than the one used to pay for photocopies.

Saving Files to Electronic Media

Most public computers in the University Libraries allow users to save information to flash drives.  Use of external hard drives is not permitted. 

Logins and passwords

Most computers in the Research Services and Commons areas require a university login and password for use.  Upon request, staff will login on behalf of patrons using government information.  The Libraries does not ask for any personal identifying information.


Assistance with government information products in electronic formats is available by contacting 303-492-8834.