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List of Government Acronyms: F

Acronym             Agency/Organization/Definition
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization
FAPRS Federal Assistance Programs Retrieval System
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBIS Foreign Broadcast Information Service
FCA Farm Credity Administration
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FDIC Federal Deposity Insurance Corporation
FEDIX Federal Information Exchange Inc.
FedJob Federal Job Listing Reserve
FedWorld NTIS' Bulletin Board System and Web site
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard
FLS Front Line States
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
FR Federal Register
FRB Federal Reserve Board
FRG Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany); used for information dated before October 3, 1990 or CY91
FSA Farm Service Agency; Office of Student Financial Assistance
FSU former Soviet Union
FZ Franc Zone