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List of Government Acronyms: G

Acronym             Agency/Organization/Definition
G-2 Group of 2
G-3 Group of 3
G-5 Group of 5
G-6 Group of 6 (not to be confused with the Big Six)
G-7 Group of 7
G-8 Group of 8
G-9 Group of 9
G-10 Group of 10
G-11 Group of 1
G-15 Group of 15
G-19 Group of 19
G-24 Group of 24
G-30 Group of 30
G-33 Group of 33
G-77 Group of 77
GAO Government Accountability Office, was the General Accounting Office
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GCC Gulf Cooperation Council
GIS Geographic Information Systems
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GDR German Democratic Republic (East Germany); used for information dated before October 3, 1990 or CY91
GNP Gross National Product
GPO Government Printing Office
GPS Global Positioning System
GSA General Services Administration
GSP Gross State Product
GUUAM acronym for member states - Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Moldova