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Collections in the University of Colorado Archives Containing Material on Rocky Flats

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  • American Friends Service Committee - Colorado Peace Network
    • Records, 1980s, 7.5 linear feet.
    • Issue files including National Toxics Campaign, nuclear waste, nuclear transportation, Rocky Flats Plant, WIPP, water quality, Military Board minutes, meeting notices, publications.
    • Guide available in Archives Department
  • American Friends Service Committee - Rocky Flats Project
    • Organizational files, 1970s-1980s, 13.5 linear feet.
    • Issue files, newsclippings, and reports relating to the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Facility.
    • Guide available in Archives Department.
  • Cobb, John C., Dr.
    • Papers, 1960s - 1980, 34.5 linear feet.
    • Subject files, publications, studies, correspondence relating to air polution, water pollution, recycling, Native American health, urban health ecology, bio-ethics, holistic medicine, and Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Facility. Plutonium Study closed until October 12, 2011.
    • Preliminary inventory available in Archives Department.
  • C.U. World Citizens
    • Scrapbooks, 1977-1992, 3 linear feet.
    • Activities and publicity scrapbooks of C. U. World Citizens, a University of Colorado student group whose motto was, "Think globally, act locally." One focus of their concern was Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant and the protests directed against that facility.
    • No guide.
  • Godfrey, Robert
    • Personnel papers, films, 1968-1988, 60 linear feet.
    • Robert Godfrey was a mountain climber, film maker, photographer, teacher and writer. His environmental concerns extended to Rocky Flats and are documented by numerous reports and film footage of a 1978 Rocky Flats protest. The collection contains personal and business correspondence; Outward Bound, political and environmental material; and photographs, films and posters he produced.
    • Guide available in Archives Department.
  • Hart, Gary
    • U.S. Senate papers, 1970-1987, 391.5 linear feet.
    • Gary Hart was a U.S. Senator for Colorado from 1974 to 1986. He ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic Party nomination for President in 1984 and 1988. The collection includes Senate papers and records from Hart's Washington and Colorado offices and material generated by his Colorado and national campaign efforts.
    • Guide available in Archives Department.
  • Hey, Mary
    • Papers, 1976 - 1980s, 12 linear feet.
    • Correspondence, fliers, newsclippings and subject files concerning anti-Rocky Flats organizations and activities, anti-nuclear groups, and pacifism.
    • Preliminary inventory available in Archives Department.
  • Johnson, Carl J.
    • Personal and professional papers, 1945-1988, 192 linear feet.
    • Carl Johnson (1929-1988), M.D., M.P.H., had an international reputation for his work involving the health effects of nuclear radiation. As the Director of the Jefferson County Health Department (1973-1981), he performed plutonium soil surveys and cancer incidence studies concerning the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant. Dr. Johnson's work also dealt with Utah Downwinders, the Savannah River Plant, and other nuclear issues. The collection contains his writings and research from 1945 to his death in 1988.
    • Guide available in Archives Department. Restrictions on use, see staff.
  • Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers (OCAW) (Additional Accessions)
    • Records, 1970s - 1980s, 403 linear feet.
    • International; Districts #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 and #8; and local records. Records relate to health and safety, negotiations, grievances, EEOC and NLRB cases, arbitration, correspondence, organizing, bankruptsy files, decertification, and plan t closures. Records document the contraction of both the oil industry and the union.
    • Several preliminary inventories have been completed, see staff for access to unprocessed material.
  • Partridge, Kathy
    • Personal papers, 1977-1979, 3 linear feet.
    • Kathy Partridge was active in several late 1970s Bouilder grassroots organizations which were concerned with environmental and antinuclear issues. Chief among these groups was the Boulder Mobilization for Survival, a local group which focused on protesting Rocky Flats operations. The collection contains newsletters, brochures, and pamphlets from local, state, and national activist groups.
    • Guide available in Archives Department.
  • Roberts, Walter Orr
    • Professional Papers, 1940-1990, 190 linear feet.
    • Internationally known solar astronomer, Walter Orr Roberts (1915-1990), was a principal figure in the scientific development of Boulder, Colorado and the University of Colorado. Founder of the High Altitude Observatory, Director of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, professor of astro-geophysics, and director of the science technology and humanism program at the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, Roberts has been a vital promoter of scientific research, an organizer of scientific organizations, and a scholar. The collection contains correspondence, reports, speeches, conference data, proposals, reports, minutes, and files on the subjects of solar astronomy, weather, nuclear issues, astrophysics, and related topics.
    • Guide available in Archives Department.
  • Rocky Mountain Peace Center
    • Organizational files, 1980s, 6 linear feet.
    • RMPC is a grassroots activist organization for antinuclear and peace issues. The collection contains RMPC office files along with material relating to the Boulder Peace Consortium, the Women's International League of Peace and Freedom, and Shutdown of R Rocky Flats.
    • Guide available in Archives Department.
  • United Steelworkers of America, Subdistrict #6
    • Records, 1953-1987, 103.5 linear feet.
    • Records include arbitrations, negotiations, organizing, topical files, correspondence, strikes, agreements, grievances, Subdistrict files, and Local Union files which include New Jersey, Colorado, and Wyoming locals. Local from Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant is included.
    • Preliminary inventory available in Archives Department.
  • Wolfson, Morey (Environmental Action)
    • Records, 1969-1978, 30 linear feet.
    • Records of Environmental Action of Colorado regarding renewable energy, solar/anti- nuclear material, Earth Day 1970, citizen action materials against Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant.
    • Materials are in folders, but not inventoried. See staff for access to collection.
  • Young, Roy
    • Papers, 1970s-1980s, 37.5 linear feet.
    • Papers, correspondence, newsletters and alerts of anti-nuclear organizations; personal notes and correspondence; U.S. and Colorado government documents and material relating to nuclear regulatory hearings; and audio and video tapes of 1978 nuclear protestors' trial.
    • Guide available in Archives Department.

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