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Collection Overview

The Government Information Library consists of over 5.2 million items in paper, microform, video and electronic format. The Library receives over ten thousand current serials. It collects publications from the United States Government, all fifty state governments, foreign governments, and international governmental organizations. Most of the collection is uncataloged and cannot be accessed using Chinook, the University Libraries online catalog. Users of the collection can search Chinook to find federal documents published since 1976, foreign, state and international documents published since 1989, and a limited number of older publications. The Library has numerous printed indexes and CD-ROM databases that can be used to identify older documents. The Government Information Library staff can recommend the best way to find both current and historical government information.



U. S. Government Publications: Millions of books, microfiche, microfilm, and computer databases covering the entire spectrum of government, history, politics, and practice.

Technical Reports

The Government Information Library has one of the largest collections of government sponsored technical reports in the world. This collection is primarily microfiche. We own most of the reports distributed by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) since 1963.

Colorado Documents

Colorado Publications includes links to demographic and economic information by state, the Colorado Legislative Database and Colorado Revised Statutes CU and other information. This page also includes a link to Colorado By The Numbers, Colorado's electronic statistical abstract.

State Documents

State Publications includes links to demographic and economic information by state, and other information.

International Documents

International Documents includes links to help you research international organizations such as the United Nations.

European Union Documents

European Union includes information about our depository collection and links to official and unofficial sources of information about the European Union.

Foreign Documents

Foreign Documents includes links to help you research other countries, including publications from the United States Government like the CIA World Factbook and State Department Background Notes.


This page connects you the the menu for the Government Information Local Area Network (LAN). Use these resources in the department. The Library also receives hundreds of additional CD-ROM resources, most of which can be found by searching Chinook, the Library's online catalog. We are able to provide access to many CD-ROMs in the Library. If a CD-ROM is incompatible with our equipment, we will lend it for a short term.  

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