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Six-State Virtual Government Information Conference:
People Who Made It Happen

This page is to thank all the folks who made this conference happen.

Conference Planning Committee

  • Peggy Jobe and Janet Fisher, co-chairs
Program Planning Committee

  • Chris Brown, University of Denver, Chair
  • Shannon Eagles, Western State College of Colorado
  • Janet Fisher, Arizona State Library
  • Jill Moriearity, University of Utah
  • Lisa Nickum, Colorado School of Mines
  • Pat Ragains, University of Nevada Reno
Other folks who we couldn't have lived without

  • Debbi McLeod, Colorado State Library
    Who graciously allowed us to use the State Library's Adobe Connect rooms.
  • Mary Beth Faccioli, Colorado State Library
    Who set up the conference room in Adobe Connect and provided technical advice and support.
  • Jennie Gerke, University of Colorado Boulder
    Who wrote the technical documentation and provided technical support during the conference.
  • William Cuthbertson, University of Colorado Boulder
    Who maintained the website and prepared promotional materials.

Finally, thanks to all our speakers for making this such a fun conference.