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1720 Pleasant Street
Boulder, CO 80309-0184
Phone: 303-492-4682
Fax: 303-492-1881
E-mail: margaret.jobe@colorado.edu
Web: http://ucblibraries.colorado.edu/govpubs/
Documents Librarian: Margaret (Peggy) Jobe
Library Director: Jim Williams II

Director's E-mail: james.williams@colorado.edu

Congressional District: 02
Library Type: Academic General
Size: Large
Designation Type: Senatorial
Designation Year: 1879

Regional, FDLP Selection Rate: 100%

Depository Number: 0069


Collection Policy: Federal Documents

Depository Designation

The University of Colorado at Boulder received a senatorial designation as a federal depository in 1879. It also has served as the regional depository for the state of Colorado since 1963. The federal documents collection is built so that is serves the entire state, with particular concern for the 2nd Congressional District as well as the students, faculty, and staff of the University.

Depository Item Selection

As the regional depository for Colorado, the Government Information Library receives 100 percent of the depository selections. This material is permanently maintained in the collection, although some superseded materials can be discarded if listed in Appendix C of the Depository Library Manual.   However, some Appendix C material should be maintained for historical reasons. These decisions are made by the Federal Documents Librarian.  The library subscribes to the Marcive’s services for shipping list and full bibliographic records.  These records are available in the library catalog.

Retrospective Collection

Microform collections are purchased to build the library's retrospective collection of both depository and non-depository documents. To this end, the Government Information Library already owns the CIS U.S. Executive Branch Documents, 1789-1932 (records available in the catalog).  It also has the CIS collections of unpublished hearings for both chambers of Congress and continues to purchase supplements. It has purchased the CIS collection of published hearings covering 1833-1944 and will be buying additional segments in the future. The Government Information Library has also purchased the CIS U.S. Committee Prints Microfiche Collection.  The Government Information Library has purchased the digital Readex edition of the Serial Set up to 1985. The library loaded MARC records for this collection into the online catalog.   Newer Serial Set volumes are available in Proquest Congressional.  The library has purchased access to the complete current and retrospective collection of hearings from Proquest.  Records are added to the catalog as they become available.  The library has also purchased Legislative Insight, a database of legislative histories. 


As time and funds permit, the library is cataloging its historic print collection.

Non-depository Material

The Library collects non-depository materials extensively in paper, microfiche, and electronic formats, with electronic being the preferred format. 

  • NTIS. The library maintained a comprehensive subscription all regularly priced microfiche reports processed by NTIS (PB reports), Energy Department (DE reports), and the Defense Department (AD reports) until 2009.  The library began to comprehensively collect technical reports in 1963. In lieu of microfiche, the library now subscribes to the NTRL library which includes full text for most of the newer materials.
  • Commercial publishers. Microfiche collections are purchased for unpublished and retrospective material. The Readex non-depository collection was purchased through mid1974, when it was cut for budgetary reasons. The non-depository fiche collections for ASI, IIS, National Security Council Documents, Declassified Documents, NCJRS, and such collections were purchased in the past.  Budget permitting, the library is switching to electronic formats for these collections. 
  • National Archives. The microfilm publications from the National Archives are not depository materials and should be purchased as needed. These were collected heavily in the past but were cut back in the late sixties. Commercial microfilm versions of National Archives collections can be purchased if the National Archives has not already filmed. These purchases should be done very carefully, as not all commercial publishers are equal.
  • Congressional Research Service. The complete microform collection of Major Studies and Issue Briefs of the Congressional Research Service was purchased.  The library subscribes to current and retrospective releases through Proquest Congressional and Lexis Nexis Academic.   CRS publications can be requested in paper through local senatorial offices and the office of the Second Congressional District.
  • Census data.  The library subscribes to Social Explorer which provides access to data from the decennial Census from 1790-present and the American Community Survey.  The library also purchases Census data from Geolytics. 
  • Agency distribution. Agreements with agencies to automatically receive significant non depository collections are pursued, examples include fiche from the National Park Service and publications of the Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station.  Agency websites can also be used to identify and request non-depository documents.
  • Environmental Impact Statements. Paper or digital copies of environmental impact statements for Colorado and the surrounding region are obtained for the collection. Others may be added selectively, depending on the topic. The Federal Register is regularly reviewed to identify new EIS publications.

Electronic Resources

Resources in electronic format are purchased from commercial publishers to supplement the depository collection. The library purchases bibliographic databases (Monthly Catalog retrospective from Proquest and NTIS from Engineering Village), full text materials (hearings, Serial Set, Declassified Documents Reference Service, Digital National Security Archive, Foreign Broadcast Information Service) and data (Proquest Statistical and Statistical Insight, Social Explorer).  The library also maintains an extensive collection of subject guides to government information in print and electronic formats.

Maintenance of Collection

The library actively collects retrospective materials issued and replaces missing or damaged copies through the needs and offers process.  A significant portion of the collection is stored in PASCAL, a remote, high-density storage facility.  Requested materials are delivered to the library in 1-2 business days.  Materials from the onsite collection can be paged for pickup at circulation desks within the University Libraries.