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Cogopub-l: Colorado's Government Publications Listserv

A discussion list is in place to facilitate communication among the government publications community in Colorado. Cogopub-l is a listserv managed by the University of Colorado's Government Publication's Library, the regional federal depository library for the state of Colorado. Cogopub-l is intended as a forum to facilitate discussion of government publications (U.S., Colorado, local, foreign, and international) and to improve communication among librarians and others in Colorado who are interested in government publications.

Listserv topics will include the Federal and Colorado depository programs (operational issues and philosophical discussions); discard lists; needs and offers; government information on the Internet; cataloging government publications; legislative concerns, both state and national; reference questions; user guides; meeting announcements; reports and minutes of meetings; information on non-depository documents; pleas for help; and gossip and rumors.

To Subscribe

Send an e-mail message to sympa@lists.colorado.edu. Put nothing in the subject line. In the message body, type:
subscribe cogopub-l <your full name>

To Remove Your Name from the List

Send an e-mail message to sympa@lists.colorado.edu with the contents of your message being:
unsubscribe cogopub-l

Messages to be distributed on the list should be sent to cogopub-l@lists.colorado.edu
Any comments or questions about cogopub-l should be directed to:
Margaret (Peggy) Jobe
University of Colorado
Government Information Library