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Agenda 2000


European Access Bibliographic Essays

  • Thomson, Ian. "Bibliographic Snapshot: The European Union--The Challenges Ahead. " European Access (October 1997): 35-38.
      This snapshot focuses on the Intergovernmental Conference, Single Currency, Agenda 2000, Enlargement, Agriculture, and Regional Policies. When the cited materials are available on the Internet, the snapshot includes a complete address.
  • Thomson, Ian. "Bibliographic Snapshot: EU Governance and Institutional Developments. Part 1. " European Access (October 1998): 32-39.
      Covers major institutional changes of the 1990s in the EU. Sections include: primary legislation, Treaty on European Union, 1992 (Maastrict), Intergovernmental Conference, Treaty of Amsterdam (1997), the future, popular sources, textbooks and monographs, and Internet sources.