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Institutional Development of European Union


European Access Bibliographic Essays

Thomson, Ian. "Bibliographic Snapshot: EU Governance and Institutional Developments. Part 1. " European Access (October 1998): 32-39. "Part 2." European Access ( December 1998): 40-50.


Part 1 covers major institutional changes of the 1990s in the EU. Sections include: primary legislation, Treaty on European Union, 1992 (Maastrict), Intergovernmental Conference, Treaty of Amsterdam (1997), the future, popular sources, textbooks and monographs, and Internet sources.


Part 2 includes information on the major institutions of the EU, including the Presidency, European Council, Commission, Parliament, Court of Justice, Economic and Social Committee, Committee of the Regions, European Court of Auditors, European Investment Bank, and others.