A Finding Guide to the British Studies Collections in the Art and Architecture Library at the University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries


Center for British Studies
University of Colorado at Boulder


The Finding Guide to British materials in the Art and Architecture Library includes two main types of materials: research collections (such as those listed in the opening section on Microfiche materials plus printed catalogues and other primary sources), and reference aids for people working with visual or materials sources. It therefore contains a somewhat fuller listing of printed works than do most of the other Finding Guides, although no attempt has been made to detail the secondary studies held by the Library.

Prepared by Liesal Nolan,
Art and Architecture Librarian
Spring, 1995
Updated by Sharon Stillman-Curtis
Summer, 2005


I. Microfiche Collections                                                                     Art/A-2
II. Print Collections                                                                             Art/A-3
A. Architecture                                                                           Art/A-3
B. Art (General)                                                                         Art/A-4
C. Drawings                                                                               Art/A-6
D. Illuminated Manuscripts                                                         Art/A-6
E. Painting                                                                                 Art/A-10
F. Photography                                                                         Art/A-11
G. Sculpture                                                                             Art/A-11
H. Stained Glass                                                                       Art/A-11
I. Other Arts:                                                                            Art/A-12
1. Decorative Arts                                                          Art/A-12
2. Furniture                                                                    Art/A-12
3. Graphic Arts                                                             Art/A-12
4. Pottery/Porcelain                                                       Art/A-12
5. Silver/Goldsmiths                                                       Art/A-13
6. Textiles                                                                      Art/A-13

Each category is subdivided into primary sources (collections/catalogs, individual architects/ artists, manuscripts) and secondary sources (surveys, dictionaries/encyclopedias, and bibliographies).
Art/A - 1


The Conway Library, the Courtauld Institute of Art (University of London). Haslemere, England: Emmett Publishing, l987-88.
Pt. 6: Manuscripts, 4th-14th century. 961 pieces of fiche, The following pieces refer to the British Isles:
6th-8th c.: Welsh, Irish, Northumbrian, South English (fiche 3-l0);
8th-9th c.: Insular, Breton (fiche l7-l9, 43);
9th-l0thc: British Isles: Insular, Religious and Secular (fiche 44-47);
llth c: Bibles and Gospels (Cambridge, fiche 59-60; London, fiche 61-64; Oxford, fiche 64-65; Psalters: London, fiche 66-67); English/Flemish (fiche 71-74);
12th c. English (Bibles & Gospels, fiche 107-ll8; Psalters, fiche ll9-133; Lives of Saints, fiche l34-37; Religious miscs, fiche l38-l45; Bestiaries and herbals, fiche l45-l50).
For further contents consult the printed Contents List located in Art Reference: Z 5943 A73C68 l987
Art Microfiche 1274, located in the Art/Architecture Library office.
Museum of Modern Art (New York, NY)
Artist Files (20th c.) Alexandria, VA: Chadwyck-Healy, l986-
The alphabetical arrangement is further accompanied by an Index of Artists Names: Z5935 I53 l993 in Art Reference.
Index: Z 5935 I53 1993 Art Reference
Art Microfiche 1120, located in the Art/Architecture Library office.
Victoria and Albert Museum. Dept. of Architecture and Sculpture
The Victoria and Albert Museum collection: Department of Architecture & Sculpture microform. London: Mindata, l977.
Microfiche 701, located in the Art/Architecture Library office.
Victoria and Albert Museum. Dept. of Metalwork
The Victoria and Albert Museum collection: Department of Metalwork microform. London: Mindata, l977.
Microfiche 702, located in the Art/Architecture Library office.
Art/A - 2



II.A.1. British Collections/Catalogs

Royal Institute of British Architects Drawings Collection
Architectural Drawings of the Regency Period, 1790-1837, by Charles Worsley. Washington, DC: AIA, l99l.
NA 2706.G7 W67 l99lb
Catalogue of the Drawings Collection, Sir Banister Fletcher Library. London: Gregg, l968-20 vols. and continuing.
NA 2410.G7 L68
Catalogues of Architectural Drawings in the Victoria and Albert Museum
Robert Adam, by Alistair Rowan. London: Victoria and Albert Museum, l988.
NA 2707.A32 A4 l988
John Pollard Seddon, by Michael Darby. London: Victoria and Albert Museum, l983.
NA 2707.S43 A4 l983
Sir John Soane, by Pierre de la Ruffiniere du Prey. London: Victoria and Albert Museum, l985.
NA 2707.S63 A4 l985
The Architectural Drawings of Magadalen College: A Catalogue, by Roger White and Robin Darwell-Smith, 2001.
NA2695.G7 M348 2001 

II.A.2. American Collections/Catalogs

A Catalogue of British Drawings for Architecture, Decoration, Sculpture and Landscape Gardening, l550-l900, by John Harris. Introduction by Henry-Russell Hitchcock. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Gregg Press, l971.
NC 228 H3

II.A.3. Dictionaries/Encyclopedias

A Biographical Dictionary of British Architects, l600-l840, by Howard Colvin. New York: Facts on File, l980.
NA 40.M25 l982 Art Reference
MacMillan Encyclopedia of Architects. Editor in chief, Adolf K. Placzek. New York: Free Press; London: Collier Macmillan, l982. 4 vols.
NA 40.M25 l982 Art Reference
Art/A - 3

II.A.4. Bibliographies/Guides to Sources

A Bibliography on Vernacular Architecture, edited by Robert de Zouche Hall. Newton Abbot: David and Charles, l972.
Z 5944.G7 H3 Art Reference
British and Irish Architectural History. London: Architectural Press, l98l.
Z5944.G7 K34 l98lb Art Reference


II.B.1. Collections/Catalogs

National Portrait Gallery (Great Britain)
British Historical Portraits; a Selection. Cambridge: University Press, l957.
N 1090.A575
Catalogue of Seventeenth-Century Portraits, l625-l7l4. Comp. by David Piper. Cambridge: University Press, l963.
N l090.A598
Catalogue of the National Portrait Gallery, l932. Cambridge: University Press, l932.
N 1090 A6 l932
Supplement to the Catalogue of the National Portrait Gallery, l932-l945. London: Oliver Burrige, l946.
N l090 A61 l946
Complete Illustrated Catalogue, l856-l979, comp. by K.K. Yung; comp. by Mary Pettman. New York: St. Martin's Press, l98l.
N 7598 N37 l98l
Complete Illustrated Catalogue: National Portrait Gallery, London. By David Saywell and Jacob Smith. London: Unicorn Press, 2004
N1070.A6955 2004
The National Gallery Companion Guide. By Erika Langmuir. London: Yale University Press, 2004.
N1070.A695 2004
Paintings in the National Gallery, London by Augusto Gentili, William Barcham, Linda Whitely. Boston: Bulfinch Press Book, 2000.
ND450.G46 2000
National and Municipal Picture Galleries of England, Scotland and Wales
The Nation's Pictures, edited by Anthony Blunt and Margaret Whinney. London: Chatto and Windus, l950.
N l020 N3 l950
Sixty European and English Paintings in the National Gallery of Scotland. Edinburgh: Trustees of the National Galleries of Scotland, 1958.
N1280 .A85 at PASCAL
Art/A - 4

II.B.2. Exhibitions

Loan Exhibitions
A Century of Loan Exhibitions, l8l3-l9l2, by Algernon Graves. New York: B. Franklin, l965. 5 vols.
N 5051 G7 l9l3a Art Reference
Royal Academy of Arts (Great Britain)
Royal Academy Exhibitors, l905-l970. Wakefield: EP Publishing, l973-l982. 6 vols.
N 6768 L64 l973a Art Reference
Royal Society of British Artists
Members Exhibiting l824-l892, comp. by Maurice Bradshaw. Leigh-on-Sea: F. Lewis, l973.
ND 467 B72
Works exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists, l824-l893, and at the New English Art Club, l888-l9l7. Woodbridge? Eng.: Antique Collectors' Club, l975 (l984).
N 6767.J64 l975

II.B.3. Dictionaries/Encyclopedias

British Silhouette Artists and their work, l760-l860, by Sue McKechnie. London: P. Wilson for Sotheby Parke Bernet...l978.
NC 9l0.2 G7M32 Art Reference
Dictionary of Artists who have Exhibited Works in the Principal London Exhibitions from l760-l893. 3rd ed. New York: B. Franklin, l970.
N 5053.G75 l970 Art Reference
The Dictionary of British Artists, l880-l940: an Antique Collectors' Club Research Project listing 41,000 Artists, comp. by J. Johnson and A. Greutzner. Suffolk, Eng.: Antique Collectors' Club, l976.
N 6767 J63 Art Reference
Dictionary of British Portraiture, ed. by Richard Ormond and Malcom Rogers. New York: Oxford Univ. Press, l979-l98l. 4 vols.
N 7598.D5 l979 Art Reference
A Dictionary of Miniaturists, Illuminators, Calligraphers, and copyists, with reference to their works..., by John William Bradley. New York: B. Franklin, l958. 3 vols.
ND 2890 B83 Art Reference
Art/A - 5

Encyclopedia of World Art. New York: McGraw-Hill, l959-l968. l7 vols. (vols.l6-l7, supplements). v.l5 is the Subject Index to vols. l-l4.
N 31.E533 Art Reference

II.B.4. Bibliographies

Courtauld Institute of Art. Annual Bibliography of the History of British Art. London: London University, Courtauld Institute of Art, l934-48.
Z 5961.G7 L8 Art Reference vols.l-6, l934-48.


II.C.1. Collections/catalogs

Ashmolean Museum. Catalogue of the Collection of Drawings, by K.T. Parker. Oxford: The Clarendon Press, l938. 4 vols.
NC 27 O77 Art Reference
British Museum. Dept. of Prints and Drawings. Catalogue of British Drawings. London: Trustees of the British Museum, l960-l963. l v. in 2.
NC l025 B7
Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery. Early British Drawings in the Huntington Colection, l600-l750, by Robert R. Wark. San Marino, Calif., l969.
NC 228 H45
National Gallery of Scotland. Old Master Drawings from the Collection of Dr. and Mrs. Francis Springell Edinburgh: National Gallery of Scotland, 1965.
NC33.E52 S682
Paul Mellon Collection. English Drawings and Watercolors, l550-l850, by John Baskett and Dudley Snelgrove. New York: Pierpont Morgan Library, l972.
NC 228.B3
Sir John Soane’s Museum. Catalogue of the Drawings of George Dance the Younger (1741-1825) and of George Dance the Elder (1695-1768): From the Collection of Sir John Soane’s Museum By Jill Lever with a contribution by Sally Jeffery. London: Oxford University Press, 2003.
NA2707.D357 A4 2003
Windsor Castle. English Drawings, Stuart and Georgian Periods, in the Collection of His Majesty the King at Windsor Castle. London: Phaidon, l950.
74l.942 Op4e


II.D.1. Catalogs/Collections

The British Library
Catalogue of Dated and Datable Manuscripts c. 888-100 in London Libraries by P.R. Robinson. London: British Library, 2003.
Z6620.G7 R63 2003, 2 volumes, Art Reference
The Early Records of Sir Robert Cotton’s Library: Formation, Cataloguing, Use by Colin G. C. Tite. London: The British Library, 2003.
Z997.C78 T58 2003 Art Reference
Bodleian Library, Oxford
Illuminated Manuscripts; an Index to Selected Bodleian Library Color Reproductions. Comp. and ed. by Thomas H. Ohlgren. Oxford, New York: Oxford Univ. Press, l985.
ND 2894 G7 A44 l985
Illuminated Manuscripts in the Oxford College Libraries, the University Archives, and the Taylor Institution of Art, by J.J.G. Alexander and Elzbieta Temple. New York: Garland, l977.
ND 2930 O9 1977
Art/A - 6

Illuminated Manuscripts and Books in the Bodleian Library: a Supplemental Index. Comp. and ed. by Thomas H. Ohlgren. New York: Garland, l978.
ND 2920 O9 l977 Suppl.
Treasures from the Bodleian Library, by A.G. and W.O. Hassall. New York: Columbia Univ. Press, l976.
ND 2897 O93H37 1976
Canterbury School
The Canterbury School of Illumination, l066-1200, by C.R. Dodwell. Cambridge: University Press, l954.
"A Hand-list of Manuscripts illuminated at Canterbury between l050 and 1200."
096. D669c
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge University
A Descriptive Catalogue of the additional Illuminated Manuscripts...Acquired between l895 and l979. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, l982. 2 vols.
ND 2897 C35C353 l982
Pierpont Morgan Library (New York)
The Glazier Collection of Illuminated Manuscripts, comp. by John Plummer. New York: l968.
ND 2895 P5A55
University of Glasgow Library
The Glory of the Page: Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts; Catalogue by Nigel Thorp. London: Published for Glasgow University Library and the Art Gallery of Ontario by Miller, l987.
ND 2897 G5U55 l987
Waddesdon Manor (Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire) James A. de Rothschild Collection - National Trust (of Great Britain)
Catalog of the Manuscripts Inherited by James A. de Rothschild from his father Baron Edmond de Rothschild. Fribourg: Published for the National Trust by Office du Livre, l977.
ND 2898 G7W333 l977
Art/A - 7

II.D.2. Thematic Catalogs

Insular and Anglo-Saxon Illuminated Manuscripts: and Iconographic Catalogue, ca. AD 625-ll00, comp. and ed. by Thomas H. Ohlgren... New York: Garland, l986.
ND 3128 O45 l986 Art Reference

II.D.3. Surveys

Survey of Manuscripts Illuminated in the British Isles. London: Harvey Miller, l975-l986. 5 vols.
a. Insular Manuscripts: 6th to the 9th century, by J.J.G. Alexander. l978.
b. Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts, 900-l066, by Elzbieta Temple. l976.
c. Romanesque Manuscripts, l066-ll90, by C.M. Kauffmann. l975.
d. Early Gothic Manuscripts, by Nigel Morgan. l982-
e. Gothic Manuscripts: l285-1385, by Lucy Freeman Sandler. l986.
ND 3128 K35 Art Reference

II.D.4. Individual Manuscripts

The Art of Matthew Paris in the 'Chronica Majora', by Suzanne Lewis. Berkeley: Univ. of California Press in collaboration with Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, l987. (California Studies in the History of Art, 21).
ND 3399 P35L48 l987 Blue Room
The Becket Leaves, by Janet Backhouse and Christopher de Hamel. London: British Library, l988.
DA 209 T4B23 l988
The Benedictional of St. Ethelwold, by Francis Wormald with introduction and notes. London: Faber & Faber, l959.
ND 3362.5 W6 1959
The Book of Kells, by Sir Edward Sullivan. 3rd ed. London: "The Studio", l927.
ND 3359 B6 Blue Room
The Douce Apocalypse. [Facsim.] Introduction by A. and W.D. Hassall. London: Faber & Faber, l961.
ND 3361 R5H3 l961
The Eton Roundels: Eton College MS l77 ("Figurae bibliorum"); a colour facsimile with transcription, translation and commentary, by Avril Henry. Aldershot, Hants., England; Brookfield, Vt: Scolar Press, l990.
ND 3355.5 F53F5413 l990
Art/A - 8

The Giffard Bible: Bodleian Library MS Laud misc. 752, by Jennifer M. Sheppard. New York: Garland, l986.
ND 3355.5 B62S5 l986
The Isabella Breviary, by Janet Backhouse. London: British Library, l993.
ND 3365 I7B33 l993
The Great Lambeth Bible. Introd. and notes by C.R.Dodwell. London: Faber & Faber, l959.
ND 3355 L3 l959a
The Lindisfarne Gospels, by Janet Backhouse. Ithaca, New York, l98l.
ND 3359 L5B3 l981
The Luttrell Psalter, by Janet Backhouse. New York: New Amsterdam, l990 (l989).
ND 3357 L8B32 l990
Psalter of Robert de Lisle in the British Library, by Lucy Freeman Sandler. London: H. Miller; New York: Oxford Univ. Press, l983.
ND 3357.D4 S36 1983
The Winchester Bible, by Claire Donovan. Toronto; Buffalo: Univ. of Toronto Press, l993.
ND 3357 W5W67
The Winchester Psalter: an Iconographic Study, by Kristine Edmonson Haney. Leicester: Leicester Univ. Press, l986.
ND 3357 W5H28 l986

II.D.5. Dictionaries - Bibliographies

Iconography of Christian Art, by Gertrud Schiller. Trl. by Janet Seligman. Greenwich, CT; New York: Graphic Society, l971- (2 vols. only)
N 7830 S35132 Art Reference
Ikonographie der Christlichen Kunst, by Gertrud Schiller. Guetersloh: Guetersloher Verlaghaus G. Mohn, l966- 5 vols.
N 7830 S35 in Art Reference
Insular Art: an Annotated Bibliography, by Martin Werner. Boston, Mass: G.K.Hall, l984.
Z 5961 G7W46 l984 Art Reference
Art/A - 9


II.E.1. Dictionaries/Indices

A Dictionary of British Animal Painters, by J.C. Wood. Leigh-on-Sea: F. Lewis, l973.
ND a496 W66 Art Reference
The Dictionary of British l8th-Century Painters in Oils and Crayons, by Ellis Waterhouse. Woodbridge: Antique Collectors' Club, l98l.
N 6766 W29 Art Reference
A Dictionary of British Flower, Fruit, and Still Life Painters, by R.B. Burbridge. Leigh-on Sea: F. Lewis, l974.
ND 496 B87 Art Reference
A Dictionary of British Marine Painters, by A. Wilson. Leigh-on-Sea: F. Lewis, l980.
ND 496 W5 l980 Art Reference
Dictionary of British Portraiture, ed. by Richard Ormond... New York: Oxford University Press, l979-81. 3 vols.
N 7598 D5 l979 Art Reference
A Dictionary of British Sporting Painters, by Sydney H. Paviere. Leigh-on-Sea: F. Lewis, l980.
ND 496 P3 l980 Art Reference
A Dictionary of Miniaturists, Illuminators, Calligraphers, and Copyists by John W. Bradley. New York: B. Franklin, l958. 3 vols.
ND 2890 B83 Art Reference
Dictionary of Victorian Painters...with Index to Artists' Monograms, by Christopher Wood. Woodbridge: Antique Collectors' Club, l971.
ND 35 W6 Art Reference
A Dictionary of Watercolour Painters, l750-l900, by Stanley W. Fisher. London; New York: Foulsham, l972.
ND l928 F54 Art Reference
The Index of Paintings sold in the British Isles during the Nineteenth Century, ed. by Burton B. Fredericksen. Santa Barbara: ABC Clio, l988-
"The Provenance Index of the Getty Art History Information Program."
ND 47 I5 l988 Art Reference
Art/A - 10


II.F.1. Dictionaries/Surveys

Encyclopedie Internationale des Photographes de l839 a nos jours, by Michele Auer. Hermance, Switerzerland: Editions Camera Obscura, l989. 2 vols.
TR 139 A94 1985 Art Reference
A World History of Photography. Rev. ed., by Naomi Rosenblum. New York: Abbeville, l989.
TR 15 R67 l989 Art Reference

II.F.2. Bibliographies

Incunabula of British Photographic Literature: A Bibliography of British Photographic Literature, l839-75, and British Books illustrated with original photographs. London: Scolar Press, l984.
Z 7134 G47 l984 Art Reference


Dictionary of British Sculptors, l660-l851, by Rupert Gunnis. New rev. ed. London: Murrays Book Sales, l968.
NB 463 S88 l983 Art Reference
Portrait Sculpture: a Catalogue of the British Museum Collection, c.1675-1975, by Aileen Dawson. London: British Museum Press, 1999.
NB1298.B75 1999


II.H.1. Catalogs/Collections:

Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi. Great Britain. London, etc.: Published for the British Academy by Oxford University Press, l979-
NK 5308 C6G74 Blue Room
Supplementary Volumes: NK 5308 C6G74 Suppl.
The Windows of King's College Chapel, Cambridge: A description and commentary by Hilary Wayment. London, l972. (Corpus... Suppl. v.l)
The Windows of Christ Church Cathedral, Canterbury, by Madeline Harrison Cavinees. London, l981 (Corpus... v.2)
The Medieval Painted Glass of Lincoln Cathedral, by N.J. Morgan. London, l983. (Corpus... Occasional Papers, 3) NK 5344 L5M67 l983 in Blue Room
The Medieval Stained Glass of South Yorkshire, by Brian Sprakes. Oxford, 2003. (Corpus…Sumary Catalogue, 7) NK5344.Y67 S77 2003

Art/A - 11

The County of Oxford: a Catalogue of Medieval Stained Glass, by Peter A. Newton...and Jill Kerr. London, l979. (Corpus...v.l)
York Minster: A Catalogue of Medieval Stained Glass, by Thomas French and David O'Connor. Oxford; New York, l987- (Corpus... v.3)
For the status of these and other titles in the Corpus series, browse by the call number NK 5308 C6G74 and NK 5308 C6G74 Suppl.

II.I. OTHER ARTS: Decorative Arts, Furniture, Graphic Arts, Pottery/Porcelain, Silver/Goldsmiths

II.I.1. Decorative Arts

The Connoisseur Period Guides to the Houses, Decoration, Furnishing, and Chattels of the Classic Periods, ed. by Ralph Edwards & L.G.G. Ramsey. New York: Reynal, l957-58. 6 vols.
NK 928 E32 Art Reference

II.I.2. Furniture

Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, l660-l840, ed. by Geoffrey Beard and Christopher Gilbert. London: Furniture History Society, l986.
NK 2528 D53 l986 Art Reference
Index to the Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, l660-l840, ed. by Angela Evan. l990.
NK 2529 I5 l986 Index Art Reference

II.I.3. Graphic Arts

Engraving in England in the l6th and l7th Centuries; a Descriptive Catalogue, with introd. by Arthur Mayger Hind. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, l952-64. 3 vols.
769. H584en Art Reference
Scottish Engravers, by George H. Bushnell. London: Oxford Univ. Press, l949.
760.941 B964s Art Reference

II.I.4 Pottery/Porcelain

Concise Encyclopedia of English Pottery and Porcelain, by Wolf Mankowitz & Reginald G. Haggar. London: Andre Deutsch, l957.
NK 4085 M34 l964 Art Reference

Art/A - 12

Encyclopaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks, by Geoffrey A. Godden. New York: Crown, l964.
NK 4085 G63 Art Reference
Godden’s New Guide to English Porcelain, by Geoffrey A. Godden. London: Miller’s, 2004.
NK4058.G634 2004 Art Reference
Handbook of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks, by Geoffrey A. Godden.
NK 4085 G635 l968

II.I.5. Silver/Goldsmiths

The Collector's Dictionary of the Silver and Gold of Great Britain and North America, by Michael Clayton. 2nd ed. Woodbridge, Suffolk: Antique Collectors' Club, l985 (l971).
NK 7143 C55 l985 Art Reference
London Goldsmiths l697-l837: Their Marks and Lives from the Original Registers at Goldsmiths' Hall and Other Sources, by Arthur G. Grimwade. 2nd rev. ed. Boston: Faber and Faber, l982.
NK 7144 L66G74 l982 Art Reference

II.I.5. Textiles

The Bayeux Tapestry, by Martin K. Foys. Leicester: Scholarly Digital Editions, 2003.
NK3049.B3 F68 2003
The Victoria & Albert Museum’s Textile Collection: British Textile Design from 1940 to the Present, by Ngozi Ikoku. London: V&A Publications, 1999.
NK8843.A1 I39 1999
Art/A - 13

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