UCB Libraries

Collections on Foreign Governments

Through 1988 materials in our collection from foreign countries and international organizations can be located using the Government Information Library shelflist. Indices for much of this material are available in the Government Information Library index area. Since 1989, new materials are cataloged online. You can locate them using the Chinook system. The library has also done a small amount of retrospective cataloging for older materials. Additional information is available in the following collections and sources:

  • National Technical Information Service (NTIS) Microfiche Collection. An online index to the collection is available from NTIS database CU.
  • Europa World Year Book (JN 1 E85 Government Information Reference)
  • Foreign Broadcast Information System (FBIS) Microfiche Collection
  • Foreign Statistical Compendiums Microfiche Collection
  • National Development Plans Microfiche Collection
  • National Criminal Justice Reference Service Microfiche Collection
  • Index to International Statistics Microfiche Collection. An online index to the collection is available in Statistical Universe. CU
  • American Foreign Policy Index Microfiche Collection
  • United Nations Development Programme Project Reports
  • Statesman's Year Book (JA 51 S7 Government Information Reference)
Microfiche collections housed in the Government Information Office. Ask at the Reference desk for assistance.